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  1. Has botting gotten worse in the last two years? It seems that way.
  2. Hmm. I should be able to get in but I haven't tried since early after the closure.
  3. I want to renew my membership but we will see how I feel when I am sober
  4. So is TET mostly just monster hunting now? I haven't gone to a TET event in awhile but have photos from old events still
  5. Also what is a money pouch and what is going on with my money
  6. Like during the holidays or something? I used to be able to play but as I recall, I lost access when my membership ran out like 3 years ago
  7. I don't know what I would do if Runescape ended. For one, I would stop all of the outdoors, social things I have been doing to cram as much nostalgia as I could into the game. I haven't played in 18 months but can't stand the idea of RS not being here.
  8. Which was Fall 2010. This is now killing me, but I want to go after Nomad again. Are there any new items that could really help me out? Combat stats: ATT 83 STR 88 DEF 82 HP 85 PRY 71 RNG 75 MAG 79 SUM 65 Thanks! It has been a while since I came around here.
  9. Probably not. Go slaying -> efficentcy [bleep] moaning about spot stealing and xp/rates. Go do RC -> oh wait its faster to kill stuff to train RC. Go GE -> People failed attemped at making a new 'dice game', People whining about no Dicing. Go Skill -> realise its pointless because faster money makers that are less boring. Go Nex -> spend an hour getting a team that will do one trip half heartedly. Repeat. Get no drop. Rage. Go Dung -> either have slow rates with the stupidest people in the world or join a clan where you have people thinking they are the best in the world pressuring you to go faster. Go pk -> realise everyone is in maxed gear and you dont want to risk max gear yourself so cant compete. -> Log Off. I suspect sarcasm. Yes? I didn't read it that way. I'm combat lvl 114ish? and was gonna go for 99 in my melees before semi-retiring, was thinking of making that my focus if I played. Also, has the elf plotline been advanced at all? I really liked that story but they always took forever to advance it.
  10. I haven't played RS in a year but am excited to still see my name on the list
  11. I feel like I might re-up for a one month membership soon, is the game and community still good enough to where a veteran like me would enjoy it? On another note: I have an alt whose password I forgot but didn't set up an email address or recovery questions. Is there any way for me to find the password without guessing wildly as to what it is?
  12. I have a hard time believing that bots/cheaters would make up that large of the player base. Did anything controversial happen? Also, A Wiki? Good thing I hate change and am loyal to Tip.it
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