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  1. I think there was a Tip.it Times article from years ago (literally) that touched on some Inland Revenue's looking into taxing virtual gp. If the gp has no monetary value and absolutely belongs to JAGEX, and as such I don't have to pay tax on it, I'm all for it.
  2. Cut is already in the past tense, why did you add "ted" to the end? Cutted ain't even a word in the scents that your using it. Learn you're tents
  3. It's funny reading the posts of people who think the animation is genuine. You can assume that the rare/super rare portions of the circle total around 15degrees, which is equal to 4% of the total board. You do not have a 1 in 25 chance of winning that stuff and it's so ridiculous to think anything of the sort.
  4. Call me a noob but I haven't been power skilling. Been making headless arrows which have been selling for some serious cheddar. Waiting for my G.E. raw materials limit to reset to get more feathers but I'm already down to 1.6x I think
  5. Is there a timeframe on this or is it here to stay? Been away for so long, to come back to this it just doesn't feel right. But hey, a lot of things don't feel right about RS anymore before anyone accuses me of being prejudiced against goblins
  6. Ah just re-read my OP, I didn't make it clear. I was talking about pre-RS2 on RSC with the ten minutes (I think) timer. And then I meant post-RS2, there'd be no such timer on RSC because of no more updates
  7. Oh lordy, the memories! I think Elrag must have killed me atleast 10 times. I remember trying to kill it once with a R2H, which the eagle-eyed amongst us will realise that means without the dragon breath shield hahahah. When I finally did it, and I remember this well, I woke up early before school to do it, and I did a lot of damage to the dragon before I succumbed to the beast. Alas, I was running back to Port Sarim, when suddenly I was teleported outside the cave in the volcano on Karamja. Someone fought him straight after I did and killed, but because I had done most damage to it, it counted as my kill haha. I bet that guy was annoyed. I was late for school that day because it was imperative I bought my rune plate!
  8. Remember the mad scramble when that message would pop up and you'd try to cram in as much skilling as possible. I think the worst update I ever "woke up to" was the fatigue with the sleeping bags taking up ANOTHER space in your inventory. Ah, what I'd do to be 13 again! Would I be right in thinking that no such message has appeared since RS2 came out or has Jagex throw in the odd tweak/minor update?
  9. Reading threads like this bring a metaphorical tear to my eye. You try and "talk" about the glory days to the kids who play RS2 and you just get called a pedo and other obscenities.
  10. I can tell you that I have won the following; mithril 2h, 10k, 50gp, bronze dagger. This hasn't enticed me to buy a membership again... What was enfuriating is having to do all those dumb starter tasks because the goblin wasn't showing until the tasks tab was gone!
  11. I remember I got a 2 day ban back in the day for "scamming" someone. I offered him a load of expensive items +25k cash for rune legs. I then took away the cash and we both accepted. He got more than fair deal but then followed me threatening to report me unless I gave the legs back. I don't think he gave me the items back but I still got a 2 day ban. Another time many moons ago I just said to some abusive noob "I am a mod". Literally that's all I said. I log in later that day and it says "You have been banned for 5 days" Oh the injustice! The young muska007 just created a new account, mined some coal and drop traded myself as soon as I was unbanned :coolface:
  12. I started playing circa 2002/2003, got banned a few years later. I started playing again last weekend with a new account, and boy have things changed. As someone who leveled up on RSC and is now leveling up on RS2 (or RS, as it's now called but it will always be RS2 to me), I cannot believe how easy things are now. Within the space of 8 days I've reached level 37, have 750k in the bank and 400+ skill total. I think back in the day it would have taken me around a year to reach level 37 and I don't think I reached 750k until after atleast 2 years of playing time. I have a career change coming up which means I will soon have zero playing time, but aside from that, part of me is wondering if it's even worth continuing to play. Certain things were inevitabley going to get easier, such as "merching" with the introduction of the official RS forums and more recently with the Grand Exchange. Another thing that original RS members will certainly agree with, the removal of certificates and introduction of notes is something that was absolutely necessary but again, made things alot easier. One thing I cannot agree with is this one click fishing/mining/whatever. That was the beauty of the game, having to repeatedly click "mine ore" or, God forbid *right click* "harpoon fish". The new way isn't cheating in the literal sense of the word, but Jagex have given up the keys to the kingdom with the change. It is something you could only dream of back in the day, but that's what it should have stayed as - a dream. It's akin to the ;rosebud cheat on the Sims or being Bruce Almighty - what's the point of carrying on if the challenge is gone? How can you maintain such motivation when it's this easy? As for the toolkit... hmmmph. Yeah it's is handy, definitely, but what was wrong with having a pickaxe (note - just a pickaxe, not a "bronze" pickaxe, there was no such thing in days gone by) take up one of your inventory slots and having to alternate between mining 13 copper & 14 tin ore, and 14 copper & 13 tin ore e.t.c. From what I've read there has been some problems with bots and it just seems that Jagex has given in to make things easier to stop people turning to botting. They'd be damned if they didn't do something and damned if they did... but yeah... damn them!
  13. a great tip is to find silk somewhere, then sell it in al kharid for 10gp each. i cant remember where you get it from, it must have been back in 02 that i was doing that...
  14. good times. from looking at my sig i can see that my stats havent changed so i guess my account is collecting dust. oh well, as long as they dont delete my account. those bunny ears and scythe cost me 900 million gp!
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