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  1. I dont like it. It makes you feel like they changed the whole name of the game because of one update and I dont see any reason to put the top bar in a less accessible location while taking up a giant chunk of the page for a big graphic and tiny logo. I really hope they change it back. I do not want this turning into WoW
  2. the page the game is on is now immediately timing out. Im thinking they are making progress(was sitting trying to connect for awhile before) SERVERS ARE UP!
  3. they are only rolling back to about a minuet before the system update that caused all this trouble
  4. I suggest that everyone takes this time to go read the KB posts about the new skill. I read it as soon as it was released and I am now the one people turn to and ask questions about it. So go read the KB for once and you wont have to ask even more questions once you can play again
  5. Right now i so wish I screen shotted the adventure log saying I got 87 prayer. The adventure log is just way messed up. So are the highscores Goodness someone PLEASE edit the first post to stop all the people whining that they lost 5 bagilion levels!
  6. Noooo... why can't people read dammit? I believe my eyes more than Jagex's words and the hiscores show 79 attack, not 80, which means that there were like 8 hours lost not 30 minutes. so you believe your eyes which have no idea what is going on but you dont believe the jmod saying that the highscores are just rolled back that far and will update correctly when you log back in?
  7. thats because they are still rolling back. it takes awhile to transfer a few million players worth of data for anyone who hasnt seen
  8. Adventure log is now saying my account was not found. so either i am banned (didnt abuse the bug so doubt it) or they hit a milestone with the rollback
  9. Lol at some guy on RSOF who claimed he lost a sara hilt because of the rollback when he has 67 agility
  10. That doesn't make sense. I had 82 rc from glitch. Then I logged out, checked highscores, and was back at 75. They did another rollback and my dung lvls got [bleep]ed so your saying they do a full copy of everyones game data every 30 mins? I doubt it. they have some system in place that probably works similar to what i described.
  11. my guess with the rollback time is that jagex does a full copy of game data every so often (once a day?) then they do copies of only xp that has changed or something. so right now they have finished loading the old full copy and are working on using the partial copies to get it back up to 30 mins ago
  12. just to let everyone know. the exp has been rolled back now. waiting for servers to go back up
  13. they are done rollback. server still offline (i went back to 70 rcing on highscores ;)
  14. When else have they done a rollback? i am grad they did though
  15. For the people saying its repetitive. I do not see how it can be repetitive when every dungeon is completely randomly generated. A random boss is selected, random rooms, random monsters. I have had a 5 room floor 11 dungeon that was extremely easy and a 12 room floor 6 dungeon that I found difficult. It is ALL COMPLETELY random. that is what makes this skill like nothing I have seen before.
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