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  1. Man, can't believe it has begun. That feeling of everything new. Remember how Bluerose13x become to famous/rich? I hope someone manages to do that. The sheer potential production skills like runecrafting/smithing/crafting or hell, even COOKING?!!! Man those were the good old days. I hope the community remains stable enough after the initial month for an economy to develop.
  2. I do have to wonder, does playing 07scape require normal membership + the premium or just plain being members? I didn't quite understand that from the post. Playing 12 dollars a month for 07scape is kind of.. well alot?
  3. Can anyone confirm or is there any clear evidence? (Runetracker I don't really consider THAT clear evidence, but it does look like it a lot).
  4. I feel old skool. I actually made money mining coal in the mining guild at the time we had sleeping bags. Yes, sleeping bags. Fatique, that's right! When the mining guild was great because there was a bed (to reduce fatique) just across faladorbank. Which faladorbank? .. sjeez. I wanted to buy a a blue mask, that's 500k please sir. 500k? I'll go for the cheaper santa, only 200k.. A full rune Baxe+kite was more expensive .. Fished quite a few lobsters as well ;) I liked it on the docks. Then back to draynor to make raw lobster cherts. I couldn't cook them.. but cooked lobster cherts were MORE EXPENSIVE then raw ones. Lobsters were quite a good way to earn a money and get some fishing experience alongside.
  5. Then let it be time to donate to Jake? Which rich bastard can help this poor soul? Also is Jake ''making'' money in 1 way or the other?
  6. I'm pretty sure KingDuffy is the best Dutch player. On further notice :D Nothing is changing this month. No new methods or anything (most likely), so that's chill right? Suomi might take nr. 1 monthly record on Runecrafting and is little over a week away from finishing that skill. How about that lads! What will follow?! Woodcutting/firemaking Thieving Hunter It's all fast experience.. Let's roll!
  7. If so, that could actually, you know.. get me back into Runescape lol! No more RSI development if it's that good.
  8. Running means losing your fee and the ''winner'' gaining your fee? No problem in that I'd say. Easy millions by looking scary!
  9. Grats :D Never buy runes againnnnn :D
  10. Just thought I'd throw this out there, haven't seen it mentioned yet. Making polypore stalves is around 150k farming exp/hr and right now is very profitable even with buying fire runes from bulk sellers. I don't know how much money he has left, but this could help him if he comes up a bit short on farming exp.This "method" requires 500 sticks, 7,500,000 fire runes, and 1,500,000 spores per hour. That isn't very feasible to keep up for very long at all. Like I said, it would be decent if he was going to come up a few mil exp short, and if he still has a few bill left. Getting around 20h worth of supplies wont be easy It's not only ''not easy'', it's actually not feasible. Especially not if it's ''profitable'. It means the supply simply isn't there.
  11. 1 more month to go for Suomi on runecrafting it seems. I'm flabbergasted at how fast he goes. His farming experience is really getting hurt now however. Will this be easier to catch up when he's going woodcutting/firemaking? (axe / gear / bank / location etc far more easily available). I can imagine powerfarming is more viable in these situations. (herbs/watermelons/bushes?) or is that not an option?
  12. It will become a place for skill-full pkers to win epic loots if you ask me. It's quite a large fee, but 500k, that isn't that much money. Unless you use full rune and a dragon weapon, you are easily decked out in millions already when you enter. And that is the bare minimum for winning I'd say. I do wonder how it will sort it self out. Very curious about how the fee works in practice and how much you get when you make kills (and how many you lose in every other situation).
  13. I get 20565 fish exp on average every 10 minute game, so im going to say it is worth it. If not just to get champion tacklebox. There's more waiting time involved, even though games are 10 minutes you have to wait ten minutes in between games (unless you got two worlds very much out of synch). So you'd have to have something to fletch or w/e. Plenty of methods that require a bank. For the average joe, this method would be viable then? For our highest ranked players, is there any point where you can start this near barbarianfishing / dungeoneering?
  14. I doubt it, but is the new Fish Flingers a valid way to train?
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