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  1. Dax


    We all bailed and got a Discord. Ask our glorious leader RPG for the code.
  2. Dax


    It's been real, TIF.
  3. Someone (Andrew F. most likely) stole my Yugioh cards in year 7. I cried.
  4. Dax


    I got a new PC a little while ago. Fully equipped for VR, up to date to play any game I want. And I'm playing OS RS. Yep.
  5. I've reached my like limit, but I would like to note that I like the remaining pictures. Thank you for posting them, Goon.
  6. I may not have posted in this thread in forever, but this is my thread, bot. I suggest you leave quickly, or there will be consequences.
  7. https://youtu.be/REx7bV_NtEI?t=4 Doviculus Tim Curry is easily the hottest Tim Curry. Prove me wrong.
  8. Dax


    LRC was one of the long list of reasons I pulled up on RS. A couple of my final 99s left were Mining and Smithing, and LRC was the go for mining, and I didn't go much on it. Thus, furthering the realisation that I didn't like playing any more.
  9. Dax


    I've had stories of my own brewing forever, so I'd send them through one of those. I feel like I'd lean on our current DM for help a lot, but I have to learn somehow.
  10. Dax


    He has a couple kids, and they're great, but they're often a source of distraction. So we've generally played at his, which is no problem for me (Honestly, DnD is great, but I'm really there for the socialising, and I'm not quiet about that fact). The DM proposed we run at the DM's place instead, and we did, and things ran smoothly, so the DM suggested we do that forever 'away from the distractions'. The other party members agreed/said it doesn't matter where it is, but he took the wording as a personal attack against him and his family. He's by no means super anti-social, but he seems like he struggles sometimes and I think he's unable to word it and discuss it with the DM. He's reacted like this before and we talked it out and got it solved, and the DM was really good at that. This time he's being annoying about it and the DM isn't interested in humouring him any more, so he's trying some tough love. It frustrates me personally because I know he's not easy to get along with a lot of the time, but I brought this group together, starting with he and I, and this stupid stuff is tearing us apart. Regardless, we've got a back-up campaign running which the DM has ran before and is easy to drop in and out of, alternatively I've been thinking of DMing for ages, so you never knooow.
  11. Dax


    Yeah the DM has laid down the law and we're just going ahead without him. Did so last session, probably will continue to if he keeps going.
  12. Dax


    One of my party members needs to grow up and tell us straight what his problems are rather than 'wellimnotplayingthen'. Otherwise, we might be on Sunday. We know what his problems are, but instead of us having a civilised discussion about it, he just gets all whiny. Actually just checked the group chat, looks like 4/5 of us are on, but the aforementioned member has not replied.
  13. Dax


    I'm glad my mates don't drink, generally. Only 3 of our group drink, the rest stay away. I like to think I've been a good influence, coming to hang out with them and play games rather than them going out or whatever. Normally I'm the biggest anti-drinking bloke you'll meet, but some of my mates would give me a run for my money now.
  14. I live in Exmilitary and The Money Store with Death Grips. I first got into them just after The Money Store, and I've kept up with them since, but nothing's hit me like those first two. On GP is my all-time favourite, which is an exception, otherwise, a quick top ten or so: On GP>Spread Eagle Cross the Block>I've Seen Footage>Get Got>Beware>I Want It I Need It (Death Heated>Culture Shock>[bleep] Please>Hacker. I got kinda sick of Guillotine, but it's pretty great too. And something so I actually have a vid.
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