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  1. Perhaps we'll have more, it's up to the Administrators. & actualy, the crewbies, and Item researches would be considered the staff. They are not moderators, considering that most of them don't have the ability to moderate a forum. ~Alina
  2. Amazing! Congratulations you all. It's well deserved! I know you all will do great in moderation. Hope to see you all working around the forums. ~Alina
  3. Is this actualy a discussion? I'm not sure. Anyway, I joined Tip.It in 2007 and I'm sort of used to players typing like that. I have not been here long enough to say I have seen a decrease in the more mature posts. But I can say, many of the posters now-a-days have a good posting quality. I do think that there are alot of posts that don't realy seem to be fit as a post of good quality. Perhaps many of the runescape fansites have been advertising places that were not a good choice. ~Alina
  4. Join Clan chat "Lightning", for Tip.It's unofficial chat. Or Join Clan chat "Blogscape". They're great! ~Alina
  5. Seriously?! You kissed a girl?! AWESOME, This should go in the book of firsts!! ~Alina
  6. We're going to trade hide and seekers, whoever finds hider becomes the hider. So, since you asked, we'll start off with you as a hider. Make sure you tell others! ~Alina
  7. 6/10? Not a big fan, but loves ya anyway! ~Alina \
  8. 1/10 I've never seen ya before, but hi anyway! ~Alina
  9. But it's in a runescape related section. All of the computer asked questions belong in the "Tech & Support". ~Alina
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