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  1. I recently got a netbook, an ideapad s10e, it has a decent battery life with its 3-cell battery, but i would like more. I went to the lenovo site and found a compatible battery then i did a google search and found apparently the same battery for about half the price. My question is, would i be getting scammed if i got this cheaper battery or would i be in the clear getting it?
  2. Really, the regular watch is vastly superior to the cloak and dagger, even the deadringer is better. Yeah. The watch is a ton better, I get a lot more done with it. Unless you play on a map where the enemy spawn doesn't have any ammo crates, then you're in trouble. The cloak and dagger allows you to take your time. The only advantage I've seen with the regular watch is that it encourages you to move quickly. It makes me rage to see cloak and dagger spies staying invisible behind three or four enemies, just sitting there. 95% of cloak and dagger spies i've seen are absolutely worthless and stay invisible for half the game only to uncloak and make a fail stab on some sniper. Spy is probably the weakest class in the game, if your playing with good people then you'd be lucky to get more than a couple backstabs in a game. The uncloaking sound can be heard through walls and from a long distance away and if you uncloak behind someone they're guarantied to turn around. *note: only applies to decent players(which excludes most tf2 players)
  3. Really, the regular watch is vastly superior to the cloak and dagger, even the deadringer is better.
  4. Don't pay attention to anyone telling you what class to play. Try out all of the classes and play the one that seems the most fun to you, if you get bored of it or see that another class has a cool ability, switch to it. No class is "better" or easier than another, it's all a matter of personal preference.
  5. Any mousepad will do (just pick one up from a local electronics store) but if you're looking for a gaming pad then this is a nice one and i use this one. As far as mouses go i use a logitech mx518, it's fairly comfortable, using the palm rather than fingers to push the mouse and it has more than enough buttons. Uses usb.
  6. It's fairly hard to aim, with 86 hours as soldier i get around the same amount of kills with the dr as with the regular rocket launcher. You need to be fairly good to consistently get hits with the direct hit, and if your facing a soldier that good then you'd probably be dead anyways.
  7. Steam won't stop crashing for me, so I missed out on it all together. :cry: Even today, four days after the update steam availability is hit or miss. I can only access my unlocks half the time.
  8. The new sticky launcher is genius. They fixed a major problem with the demoman (sticky noobing) and replaced it with something that a.) fixed the problem without being under or overpowered and b.) Added a whole new strategy to the demoman. Also minicrits do maybe 10 extra damage, it's just not worth it in exchange for the shotty.
  9. The producer recorded a demo of them shooting regular rockets and then sped it up 80%. Then it's not accurate, the blast size is too big. I was just talking about the speed when i said it was op.
  10. The producer recorded a demo of them shooting regular rockets and then sped it up 80%.
  11. As for the external hardrive, 60gb is probably fine for applications, pictures, documents, etc. Games and movies will go through space though, if you do have(and want) movies or games on your laptop then this provides a good starting point for external hardrives. If you really don't have many movies/games then windirstat can help you find and delete large files that you don't need.
  12. It looks like you may have been trolled, most of the players on that server are bots. Edit: New rocket launcher is op: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHtzuOfquoA&feature=player_embedded# /discussion
  13. The new rocket launcher is somewhat op, it can one hit 125 health classes.
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