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  1. Orpheus


    Breath of the Wild is sweet. In other news, it's been nine years since I've last visited. Been a while.
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. Man, [bleep] marriage. I keep seeing everyone else's relationships fail, and I'm reminded why I'm never wanting children or a marriage. Marriage just isn't compatible with how humans are, it goes against human nature. Humans are not by design, monogamous. And to claim anything otherwise is just lying to yourself.
  4. Orpheus


    No kidding. I've made so many absurdly horrible decision when open bars are around it's absurd. Remember ladies and gents, see exactly how they're related before trying to hook up.
  5. Hmm, It's been a while, hasn't it? Also what the [bleep] I've been posting here for almost seven years. Oh, and Mlbfan is back and he's still a pest. Nothing's changed since I stopped posting here a long time ago.
  6. Orpheus


    Mine came to about $40, as I sailed the high seas for the other three courses. No [bleep]ing way I am paying an absurd amount when I need the funds for rent.
  7. Orpheus


    $0. I stopped buying books. None of my upper compsci courses have online assignments behind a code or anything. That, and if I really need to I can just find a torrent of the needed books pretty fast. Last semester? $130, and I only used one of them.
  8. Calling it, Obama has this. We don't even need to see California's votes.
  9. Joe Rogan philosophy? To think people listen to what that tool says. Your peers must be even more stupid than he is. Joe Rogan is smarter than both you noob daddys. Get learned mongs Not sure if sarcastic or just foolish. Bro, insulting people isn't helping you.
  10. 3 actual points, 12 warnings. As it turns out, giving harsh advice isn't warranted. Neither is posting while drunk.
  11. Uh, nice try. I'm more or less thinking that mental illness needs to be more recognizable so those individuals can receive help. Gun control has nothing to do with this. The guy is clearly a madman. Gun control does nothing in a country where guns are so easily accessible.
  12. Happy birthday!

  13. Orpheus


    So for the past few months I've been volunteering as an EMT, they usually pay enough to feed us, and I needed something to do outside of classes as I had too much free time for my own good. I've seen all sorts of shit, from burn victims to the poor guy who accidentally shot himself, but this case takes the cake: A few weeks ago we got a call where someone in an apartment building called in a foul odor coming from their neighbors room. The police had removed the lock and entered for a wellness check after learning that the resident hadn't been seen in quite some time. I shit you not, inside was the body of a woman (about 75 years old, give or take), half-way decomposed and melted into her reclining chair facing out of a large window with a nice view. It was the middle of April, and unusually warm, and there was plenty of sun coming in, so for the last few weeks her skin had been baked to a crisp, and most of her (rotted) interior had leaked from just about every opening you can imagine, and completely drenched the chair, carpet, clothing, and everything in a five-foot radius. Imagine the worst smell you've ever experienced, mix it with dog shit, horseradish, limburger cheese, multiply by 10, and that's the stench that hit us AFTER gas masks. Even with the masks a bunch of us still threw up, me included. The kicker to all of this: There was a small dog the deceased kept in her apartment, and the horror of the situation hit me once I noticed what appeared to be bite marks on the legs. THAT DOG LIVED BY EATING HUMAN LEG FOR A FEW WEEKS, WHAT THE SHIT ಠ_ಠ After this, I don't think I could be any more terrified of horrible stenches. It's worse than the case of the 14-year-old who was burned and died about 20 minutes after arriving in the ER.
  14. Orpheus


    So apparently half a glass of whiskey is enought o screw me up. Then again gin caused me to end up [bleep]ing my 17-year-old cousin who looks a hell of a lot like Sunny from SNSD, short hair version at some wedding receptions, so maybe I'm not 100% sure how badly alcohol in general affect's me.
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