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  1. Right now I'm training agility at the advanced gnome course with summer pies. When/if should I switch over to advanced barbarian? I also plan on training agility over the weekend, if that changes anything.
  2. Oh, yea I knew about the quest but I've just never seen them randomly running around before.
  3. Well I just saw Bob running around randomly with another cat following him named 'Neite' I've never seen this before, is this new or something?
  4. I'm sure this has been asked before but I didn't find it at first glance. What is the best exp, in terms of party sizes and floor sizes. Should you solo, should you duo, do a five person large dungeon, ect.
  5. The person you get the skillcape from mentions something about getting to the very end of the dungeon, maybe that has something to do with it?
  6. Ok so I have just learned that cleaning herbs can actually get a decent amount of exp, slow compared to making potions but still if something is 90k exp/hour I don't really consider that slow, and I have 99 Firemaking on one of my accounts so the clicking shouldn't be a huge problem. I have 99 Herblore on my main account, and I did what most people do for it, chunk over a ridiculous amount of cash for it. The account I plan on possibly leveling Herblore on, I'm not willing to spend a ton of money on Herblore, I'm saving it for other things. So going from 65-85 Herblore I really don't want to spend over 10m or so if anything on this, if this was my main I really wouldn't care and I would just buy the fastest exp but that's not the case. So as I see it cleaning herbs is the choice for me, so first thing first, are there any other relatively cheap methods I should be aware of. If not which herbs are actually suitable for cleaning (ie. I'm not going to have to wait a whole week just to get a few thousand, and I'm not going to have to wait a week just to sell those once they're cleaned) Normally I would just do trial and error and buy the best herb I could use at the moment but like I said I'm not willing to lose a lot of money on this account. And, are there any other things I should also be aware of.
  7. Sorry for the kind of hijack. Am I missing something, given I know nothing about Serum 207s but I always hear people say they're incredibly slow. 1750 an hour comes out to 87k exp according to Tip.it's own calculator, which isn't that slow, slow compared to other potions but still.
  8. Is that with high LSP getting all the prayer potion drops?
  9. I usually do Armadyl, don't do Saradomin very often, and the last time I went was when I didn't have turmoil or extremes. So now I have both turmoil and extremes, and I was wondering whether it would be better to take extremes and always pot but only turmoil when you're crashing/getting crashed, or no extremes and always turmoil. Like I said the last time I went was when I didn't have either of them and I thought about if for a minute and I figured that if you took both you would run out of prayer potions unless you take a Yak, and I prefer to just take a Unicorn. For a decently long trip you would need ~5 sets of extremes I would guess, that's10 spaces, with ~8 spaces occupied for other things that only leaves at maximum ~6 spaces for prayer potions. I was doing some math on it, if I remember right those prayer potions won't even last through a whole unicorn, but I could be wrong because in a brilliant move I accidentally deleted it all, so here I am.
  10. Currently I do.. -Herb run planting Lantadymes and Marigolds, followed by teleporting to Duel Arena and getting cactus spines. -Tree run with normally either Willows or Maples. I want to know if there's anything extra I could do that gives experience or profit that actually makes it worth doing, I don't want to go around planting everything possible and I'm not after some big level or anything, just looking for some extra things I can do falls into these requirements.. -If it doesn't profit (Doesn't have to profit), it can't cost a ton, I'm not after any huge experience or big level here so I really don't want to spend a lot on it -Can be done at least once a day -Can be done in one trip -Can be done in 10 minutes or less, preferably 5 or less I have all quests done, have access to all places and all that good stuff, and my current farming level is 75, but if there's something notable that's at a higher level say it anyways because I'll most likely remember it somewhere along the road and do it. Like I said I'm not after huge experience or huge profits, just one or two possibly three extra things that I can incorporate into my farming.
  11. I remember hearing of a calc for the weekend, I think it was in someone's Twitter but I don't remember. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and if it's somewhat accurate?
  12. 80 Prayer is what I need for my next combat level, and Leech Defence is level 80, I've never really used curses that much or know a ton about their uses but I was wondering if Leech Defence is useful, if it's not I'm not going to get it because I don't feel like getting anything more than 80 Prayer at the moment.
  13. After getting level 5 in every role after release I can't stand BA anymore.. I want all those horn points or whatever I would have gotten :(
  14. I've seen it at the end of the card number once, normally there are roughly 16 numbers in an account number, see if you three extra. Also is it mandatory to input a CVV number? I've never seen a credit or debit card not have one but I assume it's possible. If that's not the case I'd just try calling up your bank and asking them or buying a subscription card from 7-11 or somewhere.
  15. I'm not quite sure but I know I've only had roughly 4 of them explode on me in a few thousand shots, although my FM level was higher than yours when I used them.
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