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  1. Consoles will fade out after a few generations. There's no real reason that we need them anymore (apart from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo insisting that we do). It won't be too long 'til we download games straight onto out T.V.s that are basically giant tablets. All the necessary components to read & play the games will be built into the T.V. That's how I see the future playing out, anyways. Back onto topic, I don't think the console is the way to go. Handheld systems and smartphones/tablets have much better for a game like Runescape. And if the free-to-play version of the game will be accessible via the consoles, something needs to be done about the botting problem in f2p. Needless to say, new players logging in to see gold spammers and being unable to gather resources or kill basic low level creatures aren't likely to continue to play and eventually upgrade to p2p. If you want more subscribers and their money, you need to craft a half decent game (i.e. fix the so many rampant problems RS has).
  2. Jagex apparently doesn't want me to log in. Ah well. Not really missing out on much, am I?
  3. Found this on the Knowledge Base page for the program: "In terms of items that boost XP, unlike with the Bonus XP Weekend, the effects of these items will apply to the XP gained through the Refer a Friend programme."
  4. Jagex is basically selling leveling speed here. They're essentially introducing a system where you pay a small fee for increased leveling speed. Jagex wants more lasting paying customers, but they'll get accounts created through this program that will be used for the 10% bonus and won't be played. This is essentially implementing a microtransaction system into Runescape, something that would be fine with me if they actually did it right. The costumes and emotes from the Loyalty Reward Program would have been the right way to implement microtransactions if they were going to do so. Selling leveling speed is very much on the borderline of what microtransaction systems should do, especially in a game like Runescape where everything is so xp oriented. I would say that in RS xp is essentially power, and the #1 rule of microtransaction systems is "never sell power" because it pressures players to pay to play. To me is seems like Jagex knows their game is dying and instead of trying to fix it, they're attempting to squeeze every last dime out of it while they can, and the methods they're trying are just killing the game faster. Yesterday's update was great. I loved Temple Trekking and they've improved upon the system, though it still has its flaws. This announcement really makes me ask myself why I'm still playing.
  5. Wasn't quite fast enough. >.> In another note, I'm looking forward to the Temple Trekking update as I was quite fond of it before. Going to be out all day though. *sigh*
  6. yuyu13


    Okay, maybe AFKing wasn't the best term. I use one computer, two monitors, similar to when I forum surf, watch yt videos, etc. OT: Thanks for the tips. I'll give pines a whirl, but sounds like I'll end up at teaks.
  7. At the moment I'm afking ivy while playing Fall Out 3, but I'll be done with that soon and moving onto a different source of xp; either teaks or arctic pines. If I like the rhythm of pines I reckon I'll do those as the xp rate is higher, but how much higher than teaks is it? Pines are in the 120k xp/hr neighborhood, I believe. Where abouts do teaks fall? I have full lumberjack and will be getting the inferno adze soon, just for the record.
  8. Drumgun be fishing. Or getting randomed, take your pick.
  9. All I can really recommend to you is reading through posts in this section, the Help & Advice section, and the guide section, even if they don't apply to what you can do or plan on doing for some time. If there's something you don't know, research it. Make full use of the H&A section of the forums for things you're not quite sure about. Do some reading and look into why one method is better than another.
  10. I heard someone say 60k woodcutting xp/hour, but don't quote me on that. I might get around to testing if I get around to starting my woodcutting this week. If I do, I'll let you know, but it depends on if I get bored of fishing or not.
  11. I'd say DFS and Karil's bottom would probably be better for a solo than Armadyl chainskirt and BSS. As others have said higher range, defence, prayer, summoning, and dungeoneering would benefit. And again, solo AGW isn't the best money and it's very inconsistent in my experiences. When I first started doing it I had great luck with drops, but I only just recently broke my 900+ dry streak since then. Hitting 90 range and 79 (I think) for elemental titans would help, so keep that in mind if you find you like it and want to do more, though you're probably better off duo/trioing.
  12. I think that it won't have much effect in Kuradal's Cavern due to the duration length of the spec. The three monsters that I personally killed in the cavern were steels, irons, and occasionally abyssals. The monsters don't take long enough to justify using the spec; claws on abyssals and korasi's on metals, I imagine, would increase dps more and result in faster kills. The special is really only applicable with monsters that are in a multi-combat zone and do not move. The only monster that fits that description on my task list was mutated bloodveld (maybe dagannoth if you kept auto retaliate off, but that seems to me like it wouldn't be worth the bother). I'm not sure if swapping weapons would end the special early, but if it does I doubt the special would make up for the loss on not using a rapier for the duration and using claws or korasi's for a spec. I don't think it will have any affect on high-level slaying, but I haven't tested it at all so I can't be entirely sure. The chances of it are, however, slim and negligible if it does make a positive difference.
  13. When it gets down to a few mil it might be if you still use a whip. It's like a warrior and half a berserker ring that uses no equip slot, so it's not useless.
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