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  1. Does the requirement for unlocking all slayer abilities include unlocking aquanites and/or slaying ice styrkewyrms without a fire cape? Im hoping i wont have to spend the points =(
  2. I guess I'll just go with onyx. I didn't mention, but I thought Arma/Pernix teams were considered better than void. I'm using Full Arma and eeks with fighter hat for specs, so people with Div/Ely would tank instead of me, even if they had pernix.
  3. It's not much, but I want the best. Same Reason I paid 30m for ranger boots =(
  4. If more than 1 ring is the lost invent spot worth it? Main Options ive considered archer(i)+vigour, archer(i)+warrior(i), onyx(i)+vigour, or just onyx(i). I have all the rings already so that's not a problem.
  5. Having a referral system isnt a problem, it becomes a problem when it affects gameplay. It wouldn't matter if the referral program gave a pet forum troll or something that didn't affect gameplay.
  6. They never implied thT you should pop the cracker with your own accounts. Besides it just has noob startup gear, you shouldn't need if you're experienced. I don't have a problem with the exp boost to the new member, but the bonus to current members will have people making fake accounts and spending $30 for exp boosts 35 days/year.
  7. Is there any info about the different vyre corpses? I've heard there's 5, but don't know of any difference. Any idea how much magic pyre logs are going for?
  8. CKS is alright, but DFS is better. The range def from DFS is fine, 7str>2 stab, but the main problem with CKS is that it has more negative magic attack, and the cost of charges.
  9. Unholy book will get you destroyed. In blood and final phase nex focuses on the person with lowest Mage def.
  10. At nex eeks is better, people will take spec as you not wanting to tank or help team. For DKs you shouldn't use either, Ely>Arcane>DFS>all other shields. For Arma spec is slightly better than eeks. But if you have 2 or more people use void+deflector.
  11. Rapier is still better than whip then. The only use was the spec instead of claws in some cannonable places. But now that you can't swap weapons it's useless.
  12. Never buy the exp reward. Use extra points on canceling tasks after you have all abilities and 5 cancelled filled. Also don't unlock aquanites from kuradel
  13. Snaps dropped so much, I moved back to torstol. Unfortunatly with the way the ge works, the seeds will rise faster than the herbs and soon they won't be nearly as profitable.
  14. Hunter is still better for seeds. They're more of a side bonus while you camp for whip vines.
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