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  1. If I could rate posts this would get like a 1 billion, mostly cause it was what I was going to write. ;) I would only add that I have some friends in-game that Ive made who are quite high leveled and still seem to enjoy the game. Honestly, bots are a fact of life in any MMO these days. You might as well get used to it and learn to work around them. Also, this has sort of been mentioned but I want to reemphasize: if you want to powerlevel skills in the most efficient way possible, bots are actually a very good thing for you! I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out why. ;)
  2. Fantastic stuff guys, feel free to update if you think of anything else. And although the Void Knight armor doesnt take much in the way of stats to wear/use, the prereqs for the quest are somewhat more stringent ;) To the extent of my knowledge you don't need to do a quest to get void knight armor. you do need to do a quest to get the deflector. Really it won't make much of a difference at a low level not having the deflector. The most common use for it is to equip a platebody along with it. I'd go for the void armor ASAP. You dont. I was reading the wiki article on upgrading the void knight armor when I wrote that. Derp.
  3. Fantastic stuff guys, feel free to update if you think of anything else. And although the Void Knight armor doesnt take much in the way of stats to wear/use, the prereqs for the quest are somewhat more stringent ;)
  4. So I'm a WoW refugee and for those of you that okay or have played that game know their is a fairly well defined gear progression. I was wondering if someone would be willing to lay out the rough path for gear progression in RS. Please minimize the abbreviations 'cause I'm still learning them.
  5. So I was wondering what people's thoughts were on what order skills should be trained? Obv there will be some jumping back and forth but at the same time their are clearly skills that should be focused on in the beginning as a newb. I've already been convinced that farming is one of those skills. Who wants to take a stab at this one?
  6. Pretty good mtk discussion going on just a few topics down
  7. Or if you can't find one, you can use the giftcard to buy a Membership Card at your local superstore. I know I bought my membership card at Wal-Mart.
  8. Fantastic reply Tug. What online resources do you recommended besides tif and the wiki?
  9. Thanks for the replies. So it seems the consensus is that the slow XP/hr skills are where you want to spend your lamps...is that a fair assessment of it?
  10. Fantastic guide. Thanks for the link. Incidentally, the 60 ATK/STR and DS are the bare min according to guide. what he actually recommends is a little closer to what you you recommended.
  11. Yeah no where close to being able to afford a Black Mask right now.
  12. Can you explain what you mean by the black mask and other necessities? (obviously I'll look up what the black mask does but what are the other items considered necessities?)
  13. So at what point would people recommend to start doing Slayer in order to capture the combat XP that you get while doing Slayer missions? My current combat skills are 20 ATK/ 25 STR/ 23 DEF / 24 CON. Combat lvl is 28 and total is 174. Thanks guys!
  14. The best advice i can give is to look at your runescape career as a whole. For example you only get 13m exp in a skill until its 99 and then dead to you (i assume being a power gamer min/max guy once a skill is 99 you are done with it) and any exp after that in the skill is wasted time. That being said you dont want to 'waste' any exp and that excludes some of the better (faster) training methods. ill use armored zombies for example very fast combat exp however if you get al your combat stats to 99 at armored zombies all the combat exp you get while training slayer is wasted. Also, you have to use the skills that make cash to pay for the ones that cost cash. You dont want to waste time grinding out cash to pay for something you could have paid for if you would have trained smarter. For example you could train WC at ivy for fast exp, and if you do the math you only really save about 50 hours at ivy but it costs you close to 50m cash in the end. That 50m is enough to pay for c99 construction. Train smart. You are afk watching movies while training WC anyway why not make 50m while you are at it. People say start farming now, what they mean is start doing herb runs now, you can crank one out every 90 min and over the course of a year you can make the cash for a few 99s from herbs. Also, get a megavideo account so you have something to keep your mind occupied while you train, this game can make you want to slit your wrists sometimes. Train RC at the zmi, its the exception, that skill makes people want to murder themselves. Maxing out a runescpae account takes years plural. your biggest roadblocks will be: 1: family and friends. 2: other commitments (school etc) 3: your sanity (get a megavideo account and watch stuff) You need a way to hide the oceans of time you will be using to max out. Thanks, very informative post. Problem with doing farming runs is that I still have to run most everywhere I go. :( No worries there, I appreciate the concern though. :) To everyone else, Thanks for all the great replies. I wish this forum had a rep system; I'd rep every one of you. Please keep the great replies coming.
  15. What are generally considered the best skills to use exp lamps and the like on ?
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