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  1. I recently started getting the requirements for The Temple At Sennisten, unlocking access to curses, which I thought was a good idea. Now, as I near obtaining all those requirements, I realize that it might not even be worth it for me. I've only got 70 prayer, so most of the good curses are unavailable. That, coupled with the fact that I'm in no financial position to get 95 prayer, makes me think I'm wasting my time. My problem now is that I have no idea where to go from here, so I'm stuck on what I should be doing. I just came away from a month long trip of getting 80 slayer, so I'm not in any huge rush to go back to that. So I leave this extremely open and broad question to you guys: What should I do next? I always need money, so that might be a good place to start. I was also thinking of aiming for Level 3 in some task diaries like Ardounge and Seers', since I already have Level 2 in all of them. I also think it might be good to get some of my lower skills up, so there's another possible suggestion. And then there's the always popular "Get a rapier" argument. Maybe I could get that, but I don't like Dungeoneering too much and don't see myself paying 2m to recharge it every time, so again, another option. Like I said, its a really broad question, but I can hopefully get some useful tips from you guys on where I should be looking in the future. Thanks!
  2. There was a safe area for me when I did Defender of Varrock, so the same probably applies here. Make sure you talk to the NPCs though. I remember with DoV if you don't talk to the NPC, you don't get taken to a safe area.
  3. Yes, its another one of these threads from me! I need to get my Thieving to 66, and I wanna do that in as little time as possible. I've seen a few suggestions from guides, including SG, Ardy Knights, Guards, and Pyramid Plunder. Maybe all of these are wrong and something is better? Lemme know, and thanks for the help!
  4. I've been leveling up my RC recently, and I need to get 50. I'm currently at 44, unlocking nats. Up until now, I've been buying my own ess and using the ZMI altar, which I found to be pretty helpful. Also, from what I've heard, you barely make a profit when buying your own ess and making nats. So my question is, which of these two methods will get me to 50 RC faster? Thanks for the help!
  5. Me and my friend are aiming for 61 Agility, and want to find the best way to do that. I've checked a few 1-99 guides, but they conflict at the exact point I need to use them. Some recommend the Agility Pyramid, and others recommend Ape Atoll. Any suggestions on which one we should use? We've obviously got access to both. Thanks for the help!
  6. I just went with noted pouches and he exchanged them for me. Seems the guide I used missed that detail. <_< Edit: How the hell am I supposed to make 1.6k Ibis? That's 184k shards!
  7. Shards stack. As for Summoning pouches, I normally sell mine on the Grand Exchange so I'm unsure about that. Sometimes you can get shards for 22-24 ea on the forums, so look for those sorts of deals to save a bit of money. No, the Ogre gives you 70% of the shards it takes to create a pouch, but the pouches don't stack. Worded that last post wrong.
  8. What is the best way to use Grogog....Oglog....the guy in the Ogre city that gives you shards for your pouches. What's the most efficient way to use him since he doesn't take noted shards? I'm hoping its not just sprinting back and forth from Yanille.
  9. Thanks. I'm starting out with terrobirds. Would you happen to know the best way to buy shards? I bought 10k in the g.e, but I put the offer in for 20k. They buy, but not in the numbers I need it seems.
  10. What is considered a good item to use? I know it depends on current market prices, but in general, what works?
  11. On my glorious quest from 72 to 80 Slayer since my return to RS for the summer, I've gotten a visage drop, 5 levels in defence, attack, and strength, and quite a few charms. During my quest, I upped my Summoning to 54 for the Terrorbird, but I want to improve it once again. I know this will be a very broad question, but I'm just looking for tips, guides, and other helpful info from you guys. So I've got 1690 green charms, 1k red charms, 127 blue charms, and 1720 gold charms. My question is: How far can these get me if used optimally, and how can I use them in the best way possible. Thanks for the help!
  12. I'm not having trouble with any task in particular, I just use food on everything that isn't exclusive to prayer like aberant spectres. I must be doing something wrong though. I dont understand what you mean. For a good 95% of tasks - you can just pray to avoid damage. If you're having troubles with a task - pray the necessary protection prayers. As I stated, the only one you can't protect with just the prayers are Wyverns/Mithril Dragons/(And now that I've come to think of it - Waterfiends) We can't help you if you don't tell us what you need help with. Just saying "I need food on slayer tasks" doesn't really give us the necessary information needed to advise you on slayer. I get it now. I don't pray on every task to avoid damage. I just eat food, which apparently isn't the way to go. Thanks for the help! And not in some sarcastic douchey way if anyone takes it like that. I'm legitimately appreciative.
  13. Whats EE? And I plan on getting a bunyip soon.
  14. I'm not having trouble with any task in particular, I just use food on everything that isn't exclusive to prayer like aberant spectres. I must be doing something wrong though.
  15. Judging by everyone's reaction, I must be doing something I wrong. People suggesting Soul Splits and bunyips might have done well to look at my stats though <_< . I use food for pretty much every task that doesn't involve me exclusively praying on. What should I be doing instead?
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