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  1. I'm planning on soloing some GWD bosses (specifically Arma and Bandos). So my question is whether there is a big difference between Torva Vs Tetsu and Pernix Vs Death Lotus. If you can comment on Sea Singer robes that would be helpful too. Thanks :)
  2. You were correct, thanks :) saved me some time
  3. Say I have 65 mage and need 66 to make the canfis portal teleport in my house, can i use a mind bomb to raise it and then make the portal? Thanks :)
  4. This will most likely fall on deaf ears, but for everyone voting against 07scape (simply by not voting) it makes no sense for you not to vote to bring it back. The way I see it, a true post-EOC runscape player would WANT the vote to reach between the 250k-500k range because that would cause people playing 07scape to pay and if anything, help out the post-EOC game. In the short term it may take away some of the Jagex team to set up the servers, but once that is done there would be nothing more to do any they would go back to the current game and nothing would change. I just don't see how people can have "negative" opinions toward this.
  5. Hello everyone, I have maxed combat and 99 slayer, but i have not slayed in a very long time and not too familier with what is best since eoc. Please keep in mind I have a 5M bank, so i'm guessing barrows is best for me until i can merch up to bandos? Also what would be the best wep? I have rapier and d defender, I could be an offhand-rapier if that's what's best now... lot of question haha. :P Thanks for any help!
  6. It has that label :wall: ahh well, thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I have a $25 Mastercard gift card and was wondering if it's possible to use it to subscribe for membership? If so, which method do I use? thanks :) Also, if it helps, the card says "Debit" on the front too
  8. So I've flipped from 10m-1b in the past few months, nearing the price of a purple phat... considering buying one and upgrading as i continue to flip and get the money to do so. Smart idea to buy one where they now are at about 1210-1220m? any educated guesses on whether they will go up or down in the next month or so?
  9. thanks, that did help, but still a little over 100 spots left. any more ideas people? :)
  10. I am going to be zmi runecrafting for a while and i know the best method is to fill your bank so you can use the "bank all" button. but my bank is only 1/2 full. I was wondering if anyone had good ideas of cheap, and easy to buy things that would fill my bank quickly. Thanks
  11. I was flipping virtus masks when they happened to take that huge crash lately and i am stuck with one, if i sell now it'll be a ~30m loss... not a huge deal for me... but do you guys think I am better off hanging onto it and breaking even possibly if it rises again, or just selling now because there is no hope of it rising again? thanks
  12. From what i've seen, anywhere from 86-92m is where it's at depending on how lucky you are.
  13. Thinking of buying an ely while they're low... I know no one can predict the future... but do others think now would be a good idea? or wait a couple days?
  14. Over a year of your life in this game? Wow. I thought they meant the beard... maybe i'm wrong... and since when does ~280 days = more than a year?
  15. Not sure if you guys can help with this one... but what do you think will happen to raw material prices? 99 con is my last buyable left and i'm thinking about buying all the planks i need just before free trade comes out because it might be more of a hassle finding them with free trade, but if you think prices will drop... it may be worth waiting. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks :)
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