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  1. First of all you didn't have to quote all of that. :thumbdown: Secondly, I am certain you have no idea what in the world on runescape is PVP. :thumbdown: Thirdly, I do not wish to join the bunch of [maggots] who use this? Plus if the MSB can be nerfed why not this? :thumbdown: Lastly, I am not whining I am sharing my opinion. :cool:
  2. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Maple_longbow_(u) * This item used to be regarded as junk before the Personalised Shops update in September 2009 which made the price crash from 140 gp each to a stable price of around 70 gp each making it a good item to cast High Level Alchemy on. * This item can be invested in the minigame Mobilising armies. Each piece is exchanged for 17 investment credits * Stringing this item and selling it in the Grand Exchange makes around 50 gp or more profit each so it is a good way to make money by fletching before level 70 Fletching when you can cut and string Yew Longbows. I hope people grow up to become less lazy.
  3. your printscreen-fu is weak! [im]http://img709.imageshack.us/img709/7397/dsft.png[/img] 21 folders? No there got to be some hidden "yum yum" in there :P nah thats in my "holiday photos" folder ;) Thats what they all say :o
  4. On the day right before my birthday I got this. <3: Good day and even better tomorrow <3: <3: <3:
  5. No money making is fun, but you could just do some barbarian assault and keep doing high gambles till you get that dragon chain :P
  6. Honestly, don't even try, its going to be a waste with your stats, I think you should get a decent tanker atleast. But... if you really really want to you could free for all and hopefully get one kill.
  7. I'm pretty sure you've mentioned all there is already :(.
  8. It was lagging crazy for me to even load it :(. Re-upload please :D?
  9. Very nice, and thanks for the tips.
  10. Your exp is honestly nothing special, but your total is :P. Total 9/10 EXP 4/10
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