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  1. Could it be assumed, then, that Pulse Cores probably won't work on DXPW?
  2. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Meteorite_chunk "A strange remnant that has crashed from above. I can use it to hurt Tuska if I take it there." In that exact same article you linked to, it very clearly states that it only awards exp. While it might hurt her lore-wise, it does not contribute to your World Event score. Where does it explicitly state that it doesn't contribute to the World Event score? "...where it can be exchanged for experience in a skill of your choice equal to half the experience provided by a regular jack of trades aura reward book." This is simply letting players know that it gives XP, it's not claiming that it's the only reward from turning them in.
  3. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Meteorite_chunk "A strange remnant that has crashed from above. I can use it to hurt Tuska if I take it there."
  4. till everyone gets all rewards before event ends and she owns us again Oh yeah, true. I forget that some (probably most people actually, especially P2P) play for the rewards and not the lamps.
  5. How many of the maxed players went on to get trimmed completionist? Also I'd be interested in a sort of "where are they now?" thing - what have each of them been doing since maxing? Playing on other accounts, OSRS, merchanting/bossing for future skills, quit (just quit, quit and plan to come back when another skill comes out, quit for another game), etc.?
  6. They actually did a pretty good job of balancing Tuska's health. Next week we'll go back to winning easily (because of multiple stabs) if they don't do another balance though.
  7. Okay, but Mod Deg also said this on Twitter: So which is it? Doesn't matter, it is boring either, so non-active spine standing while doing other stuff is the way to do this imo... In other news... I just did the event on my own, and it was much easier... so the best advice to get 100% is to try to go in on your own? For certain players (e.g. ironman skillers) that rely on lamps to train certain skills, it's pretty important to know how to min-max it as points are vital. Personally I prefer going on my own as well. You can easily do this by waiting a few minutes, after everyone else has already left; you can jump across and join a game (with no time penalty) anywhere from :00 to :20.
  8. Okay, but Mod Deg also said this on Twitter: So which is it?
  9. Are you sure ? Can I still make a new character there ? You can't right now (and probably never will be able to). They haven't opened up access to it since 2011. See this: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Runescape_classic#Re-release
  10. Was 2k days his ultimate goal that he posted about a few years ago? I remember him saying that his goal wasn't to max, but something like he might end up doing it in the process. I assumed it didn't have to do with in-game time, though, as I believe S Diamant Y had just been awarded the Guinness World Record for that and I thought he said that it wasn't his goal to beat that, but maybe I misunderstood.
  11. You can get like a massive 20k-30k Summoning xp/hr by hatching them, lol :p
  12. They did just that in the past - opened up access to RSC for new accounts on separate servers. They haven't done it in a few years, though.
  13. I definitely prefer gravestones over paying that much just to get my items back (that I could get for free with gravestones). If they want to change anything, just make the timer only count down when you're actually in game.
  14. Ironman just became slightly more bearable. (Assuming this works how I think it does.)
  15. Nub question: After I get all the rewards from Hati, Sköll, and Eir, I don't need to return and do the stuff again the next day, right? This is just an event you do once and you're done?
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