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  1. Quote Sorry what I wanted to post was the chat and that I got my revenge kill.
  2. A couple of days ago I got this: Only took me 6 or 7 hours of enlightenment and VoS. I never realized summoning was so cheap. I was getting xp at 1.5 gp/xp. And just now this happened: This just happened 10 mins ago. I was doing my lava stryke task and this guy comes and attacks me. I had a handful of sharks still, so I decided to stay and fight. This is my 1st pvp fight in EoC, so I was frantically trying to switch action bars while trying to understand what the abilities do. He kills me, but luckily I ate a fury shark before I died. I was disappointed I lost, but I only lost like 100-200k or something like that. So I go back to finish my task. 10 mins later, I see another guy run towards me from the north. It was the same guy that pked me. This time, I find my action bar a lot quicker and was doing a lot better. I end up killing him. My hands were so shaky and my heart was pounding so hard after both fights. I've always wanted to get back into pking and this might've been the motivation I needed to get back into it. I'm deciding if I should try EoC pking and pk at warbands, or go back to my roots and do some w18 legacy pking. I sure miss the bounty world days though.
  3. See title Also can you disable the bonecrusher perk on the daemonheim aura 2?
  4. So just killed my 1st qbd. So since I fixed the royal c'bow, should I use that over chaotics?
  5. Thanks, I'll save my blues. What about reds? Swamp titans and granite lobsters only? Bloated leech and stranger plants ok? Thanks for answering some of my questions.
  6. Oh I guess I deleted the part where I mentioned how many charms I had. I used to slay for money, so I blocked waterfiends back in the day. Thanks Leik, so should I start lvl 42 with making macaws and then using the wiki to see what's the next best gp/xp ratio?
  7. So I have 95 slayer but I've never trained summoning before. I have 42 summoning from 2 tears of guthix and a 20k xp lamp. Can someone give me the low down on how I can use the enlightenment aura to train my summoning? Do I use the rune wiki to see which are the best pouches to make in terms of gp/xp? So for example: At my current level I can make bull ants or macaw pouches. Macaws are 31 xp/gp with 72.4 xp gained. Bull ants are 83.9 gp/xp with 52.8 xp gained. So obviously I should make macaws right? Also when should I start using red and blue charms? What method should I use to gain the most xp in an hour (with enlightenment aura)? The wiki recommends either phoenix lair teleports or house in taverly. After I make the pouches I try and get the most money back right? (Either Bogrog, GE, or alch) Any help would be greatly appreciated. On an unrelated note: I finally have enough loyalty points to buy my first aura. Should I get vampirism or jack of all trades first?
  8. Just did my first quest in 4 years and was rewarded with this. Now I just have to figure out how to properly use it.
  9. So I've been seeing a lot of people wear power gloves and tank boots. Is this the best way to wear armor? I'm currently still wearing barrows gloves and cheap power boots such as demon slayer boots and skeletal boots. Should I change my gear?
  10. 1) What's the rate of heal over time of the clan avatar when compared to a bunyip? 2) If I do the quest The World Wakes, can I still get the sixth-age circuit later if I haven't done the prerequisite quests yet? 3) Is the collector's insignia worth getting? I use the ring of wealth a lot and according to the wiki the insignia's row effect is "doubled" when charged. Is this true?
  11. I don't know if this belongs here, so you can move this if needs be. I also don't know if this has been talked about already. But during this bonus charm weekend, if you do familiarization and claim the triple charm drop reward, you can get 6 crimson charms per waterfiend. When I did it, I got about 840ish crimsons in 40 mins. This was during task, using ranged, and NOT using a charming imp. If you do it with the imp you can probably get 900 or more crimsons. I also got around 60 blues or something like that.
  12. Second ever 99. It's only taken me 12 years. 4 years from the first one.
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