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  1. Anyone know any good alternatives for 62-66 crafting? Water orbs seem to be a little difficult to buy from the GE, I assume air orbs are easier since they are a good way to train mage for profit. But I digress...
  2. If I don't have the scroll or jujus, are snaps still the better option? I'm basically getting a dunge level a week from pengs and TOG until I get to 60, can't deal with W117 to get tokens.
  3. Would it be easy to find a battlestaff seller on the forums then buy orbs from the GE? Also, I just got 62 farming, snaps or ranarrs? :razz:
  4. I am questing to unlock Korasi's sword but fall short of 3 level requirements to do Void Stares Back, 80 magic, 70 crafting and 70 construction. For the construction levels I will be doing oak larders, assuming that is the most efficient for my level, but I am not sure what I should do for mage or crafting. High alchemy while collecting ranarr spawns is the best way I know to train magic, and if there is a better way to train please let me know. As for crafting, I haven't a clue. I am willing to spend a little more time for more cost efficient methods,since I do have a small cash pile. All help is appreciated :thumbsup:
  5. It made the "rare drop" noise when I got a dragon chainbody from a dusty
  6. The RoW got me a 40 noted torstol drop at bloodvelds, I'm willing to give up a little strength bonus for the chance of stuff like this *inb4efficiencypolicerage
  7. This I am unsure of, because I will never ever ever ever imbue it, and the RoW has been ridiculously nice to me (Let's just say it's the reason I have 20m :shades: ) I might get one and switch to RoW for every kill or something, I'm not sure yet
  8. I highly doubt the 20m~ I have can get me to extremes, so I bought a fury until I get a bigger cashpile and I will eventually sell the fury for extremes TY everyone :thumbsup:
  9. Right outside the ZMI altar I believe, there is a spot with 4 young trees you could potentially trap with, though IIRC the fourth tree is too far away to be useful
  10. All I do is slay when doing combat. I don't plan on bossing, and if I ever do it will most likely be with maxed stats (and I will probably have enough money for full bandos + fury by then) and I have the cash for either one of the two. Which would be better for doing nothing but slaying? If it matters, I use torags plate + verac's skirt as is for my slayer gear
  11. OK Thanks for the help everyone, C1 all floors till last 5 then C6 Med those right? Solo, of course
  12. There aren't any, reason being that the members of said clans would only be there for a week at most before they moved on. Just keep using lamps/pengs/tears and start trying solo meds. That's too bad, oh well, 60 isn't a hard level to achieve, should be there soon And where are those guidelines for DGS?
  13. I am trying to find a dunge clan that takes people with my level (51, as seen below) but I can't find any. I have basically only tried the RSOF forums but I have never had any luck there. I plan to join DGS once I unlock the floors that they do (around level 60 I have heard?) I really like dungeoneering but doing it with the idiots on W117 is near impossible :angry: Any help is appreciated, thanks :thumbsup:
  14. Stick to Dura and at 75 you can switch over to Kuradal.
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