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  1. Its around 1% respect per 10k exp I've been told. So looking at 4.4m exp needed. Prices are really high atm though, so idk if you wanna spend that much cash for it. But looking at grimy's sheets, addy ingots 2 are ~220k exp/hr and 15 gp/exp, more exp/hr and cheaper if you change what you're making according to the instructions. For 11 gp/exp you could do mith ingots 2, though those are only 150k exp/hr. Doing what the guy tells you to make gives 10% more exp, and up to 15% more exp once you buy all the exp rewards. Fastest way would be rune ingot 3 for 66 gp/exp and 366k exp/hr, but I don't think you'd be willing to spend that much :P. So just check grimy's spreadsheet to see the exp/hr of the different ingots and their cost. Addy ingot 3 is likely your best bet, if you have the cash, as its 275k exp/hr w/o following the instructions, and 18 gp/exp w/o following the instructions. (10-15% extra exp/hr if you do follow them).
  2. Sucks to be you :/ A 10m drop poor you. And after 82 kills? Damn pretty unlucky. People go over 500 dry quite often lol just take what you get :P.
  3. ty w148 Binds atm are bn, hex, prim 2h, and gorg plate lol, gonna bind prom/primal plate when I can.
  4. Just adding on, artisan's workshop (burial armour) is extremely afk, I've been there past few days and for 10% less exp you could go afk for 2 mins easily, though I've just browsed other sites and changed to what the instructor guy says to make. It's extremely quick exp too, although I haven't tracked it, but quicker than mith plates and I think over 200k exp/hr, I'm not too sure but it's so easy I don't care too much lol. As for rate of consumption, again not sure, but its 3 addy ores and 14 coal per addy ingot II for ~450 exp (more if you switch to what the guy says to make, and more if you buy the additional exp bonuses), so if you're going for 86 smithing you could calculate it based on those rates. Enaid also posted the other addy ingots and their cost/exp if the 10 gp/exp is out of your budget. Also, if you want a gold/royale cannon, best to do it now as after 88 addy plates are much better in terms of gp/exp and good exp/hr. I've managed to get both cannons and the first two bonus exp rewards from 80-88 smith, so 81-86 should be enough for the cannon.
  5. 99 hp was my first, managed to keep it through all my other 99s and 106 dungeoneering, but then I messed up and lost both of my untrimmed hp capes :(. Was kind of happy they "fixed" all the untrimmed capes afterwards lol, was able to accept losing the cape as I would've lost it anyways :P.
  6. Start dungeoneering, it got me hooked back onto rs from february until july when other commitments popped up and I enjoyed it immensely :P.
  7. [hide] [/hide]Only good thing for me, though how would this work? A 5 second time frame (well in ticks) to start investigating the effigy once the boost wears off or something?
  8. Er just get whatever you personally feel is a good first 99 then? For some people, 99 cooking and fletching are hard to get, for others its the combat skills. I myself would consider cooking and fletching more difficult than something like combat or dungeoneering simply because I find them really boring (yes combat is just watching your character fight I find that relatively fun). It's all up to your personal opinion, I don't know why you're asking us what a respectable 99 is if you're not getting a 99 for other people, as its all subjective.
  9. Well I was implying that imaginary people don't exist --> you won't get any newfound respect -->get 99s if you feel like it not to please others. Something along those lines.
  10. Just get whatever you want? No such thing as a respectable 99 lol, and if there ever was a time like that, its gone now. So just level up whatever you want, if you find fletching fun, go ahead and get 99. If you see it as pointless, don't do it. Personally, I've always just leveled whatever I felt like, and eventually that leads to 99 in the skills I enjoy or like. Or if you feel like forcing yourself to get 99s for some newfound respect from some imaginary person, go ahead and do that, not like anybody else has 99s right?
  11. Alright thanks for the answers, guess my question is answered.
  12. My laptop which I'm using for university has an internal battery, as in I can't take it out. So this made me wonder, when I have access to an electrical outlet and my battery is already 100% charged, is it ok to keep on charging so that my battery doesn't drain, or would it be best to take out the charger and let the battery drain to about 20% or so if possible and charge again? I just don't want to overcharge my battery or something, as I'd like to keep this battery good for at least 4 years.
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