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  1. wew... don't know if anybody still follows this thread 😄 anyways, I got a bit lazy about updating this blog after tip.it forums changed the format/layout for posts. Now that I'm finished with the school semester I decided to fill in the catalogue of images I had backlogged... nearly 750 images added! It's been a pretty crazy 10 months. I finished Ultimate Slayer a few weeks after my last post here and then began to work a lot on boss logs. I got some huge motivation to grind heavily for IFB after getting Vitalis in September. My main goals these days are: 1. Finish IFB (49/51) missing ED1 and Telos pet now 2. Finish Golden Reaper now that it's an official title (24/32 logs, missing 40 items of which 23 are barrows) 3. Attain max runescore (missing 750 and 1k enrage telos and some ED1 solo KC + Kiln KC) 4. Work on clue logs a bit yeah, I post most bigger/significant/notable updates on twitter but I'll continue cataloguing stuff here for archiving reasons :) https://twitter.com/AXVD_rs Anyone who still reads tip.it or who has read any/all of my blog, thank you lots 😄 This community may not be the most lively anymore but it was a huge part of my RS career in the earlier days; it'll always have a place in my heart even if few people visit nowadays.
  2. 243/248 Missing items: - Camel Staff - Blowpipe Feather - Hexhunter Bow - Wyrm Spike - Wyrm Heart I'm gonna have to move back to pvming as I've exhausted my entire cashstack trying to pay for supplies for Ultimate :/ out of ovls, seeker charms, cannonballs, and replens right now :(
  3. so dry that I only managed 2 new items in 2 whole weeks of spamming slayer XDDD road to unluckiest Ultimate Slayer for sure. 3800 hydrix kc, no hauberk 4700 lava kc, no wyrm pieces at all XD
  4. slow week thanks to holidays, but also didn't really pvm at all except some HM and honestly just went so obscenely dry on slayer all week :/
  5. duo rago scops practice, somehow got 4 kills my first hour with aura on p1 :O and a 11:18 pr! Some HM practice as base and bt, no bombi yet but on chance for a few kills now. Also Ultimate Slayer progress! 236/248 and I didn't get a new item for like 6 days but then got 3 in one day, not bad :) Remaining key items are 3x wyrm items, 2x dino items, 2 raptor items, and hexhunter.
  6. Loved the new DXP format, had a very relaxing weekend while still gaining decent xp. Finished 200m summ and did some other small gains in other stats this week. Back to pvming for money so I can afford 120 herblore I guess :D 223 / 248 on Ultimate Slayer
  7. imma be honest... buff bar was broken all week so I did like 3 hours of solak and 5 hours of vorago or something, then spent the rest of my free time slaying. I have 200 / 248 slayer log items now but I still need the same stuff as last week :/ my only real progress was NMG, 1 drider item, 2 blowpipe pieces, and 1 gemstone item. After about the 48th dragon rider kit I'm ready to quit celestials but yeah lol... 27k abby demon kc since log came out and still no wand btw :D
  8. Rago, Solak, Slayer logs finished my solak FB requirement, got 2x cinderbanes in under 100 KC (but still no xbow splits l0l...), am slowly getting into rago duos now Slayer Logs progress: - Wyvern xbow off Asgarnia log - Ragefire + NMG off Other Worlds log - Abyssal wand + 2 drider items off Morytania log
  9. https://imgur.com/a/dmKS9s8 Bit of a huge post as I forgot to upload last week, just been continuing my learning at Vorago and Solak... got my first drop at tree boss this week! Also after a very long grind, at 6797 KC I finally got the last pet at DKS and can finally retire this boss... In my worst nightmares I'll still be casting fragshot on Dagannoth Prime lmao I've also made some progress on some slayer logs and am now 24/28 on Morytania (need 2 more dragon rider + the 2 abyssal demon rare items to finish)
  10. DKS, Clues, Slayer logs, Rago, ROTS, and Anachronia grind. Busy week! Oils: lap 307 Tooth: ~4k kc So on Monday they released an update and in the patch notes Jagex stated they corrected some bug where rare resources on Anachronia were harder and harder to get the more of them you had because they shared a common table... LOL all those soulsucking hours wasted on the agility course thinking I was just absurdly unlucky :/ Did a lot of trio rago during Scop, think I was starting to get pretty decent at TL5. It's now Vit week and nobody wants to make teams so I'll have to grind extra hard to get into lessons and such.
  11. AHHHHHHHHHH FINALLY DID IT !!!! 4402 KC ah the grind is finally over! Onto rago/solak and finishing Anachronia camp for trim (need oils and tooth still, 280 laps and 3k kc atm)
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