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  1. Well, I logged into 'Runescape' and oh my, how much everything has changed, including the internet itself. Anyone got any tips for getting started in Runescape 3 these days? I've got myself a 15 year veteran cape from my old pal Hans in Lumbridge but everything is so different and it seems its not as popular as it once was.
  2. Started in 2006 as a labourer/technical assistant working probably 25 saturdays a year, until I finished high school in 2009, bought my first car in the same year. In 2010 I got a full time apprenticeship as an apprentice motor mechanic at a Honda dealership but left after 6 months as I was fighting with one of the other mechanics there who didn't like me too much for some reason, he would start fights with me and I would end them LOL. August 2010, I trade changed to apprentice auto electrician, thats what I'm doing now, I've got until August 2014 until I'm qualified, then I'm going to move on and do something else, wouldn't mind trying to get a job at Ford Australia. I specifically work on emergency vehicles in particular, ambulances mostly, its boring, just want to GTFO. I'm still doing the technical assistant thing but I'm considering dropping it soon.
  3. No idea, I've come back again to see whats happening, there was a TONNE of bots in the last 2 years, that kinda killed it for me.
  4. Just like to mention a little thing I've noticed is it seems they've changed the drop rate of herbs on Chaos Druids? They used to just about drop herbs every drop, now they drop a lot of robes and ocasionally a herb or two, has anyone else noticed this? Last time I played and did this would have been around 2010 though.
  5. How can you not see the bot problem? When I played lfor a few weeks maybe a year or two ago, in the edgeville dungeon where the Chaos Druids are, I was down there killing them for herbs, and there where a bunch of bots, running in the same path, same delay in picking up dropped items, with similar names.
  6. Hey guys, I'm Damo, I used to play Runescape a long time ago, I stopped playing around when they originally removed free trade and the wilderness in 2007 I think it was, I played maybe 1 or 2 weeks here and there over the last few years but nothing serious. I checked out the website today and its peaked my interest, does it still have a serious problem with bots? Last year or so there where bots everywhere. What new has happened? I'm looking to get back into it until at least Guild Wars 2 comes out.
  7. Sweet, thanks much guys. Also where I'm at it, where can I plant these bad boys? I've seen a fruit tree patch in catherby but thats it.
  8. Hey guys, if you plant and grow an apple tree, does it produce "cooking apples" which you can use in pies? Thanks much.
  9. Unless you are like me and you only know how to make money by skilling, when you go to the GE with your fish, you get 2 buttons, a piece of string and some vaseline for 1000 lobbies.
  10. Yes we do have a cane toad problem, lol but thats only in Queensland. I think its to do with how expensive bandwidth costs in Australia, they might have gone with the cheapest option. I remember al ong time ago when Aussie servers first came out, they said something about the cost was prohibitive because they could pay for 6 servers for every 1 located in Australia, or something like that. They should get Telstra or Internode to host their server for them, Australia's two biggest ISPs.
  11. Yes, you get spikes where the whole server seems to stop for about 3 seconds, then everything starts moving again. I get about 25-30 ping to them in the server list. I reckon its to do with server load, maybe Jagex couldn't afford to get a high end server here in Australia and it can't handle whats going on.
  12. I agree, I'm an Aussie and I keep getting regular lag spikes on the Australian servers, not a problem with my internet connection either, I'm on ADSL2+ and close to the exchange. You can really notice it trying to put in your bank pin as well.
  13. Thought I'd update, I stopped playing not long after I made that post, now I'm back again haha. I'm on 62 smithing now, with the freeplay party room, can I chuck noted items in there and it will distribute them through all the baloons? Or will it chuck all the notes in one baloon? I've got LOTS of mith items I plan on throwing into the party room, current evaluation is just shy of 1 millions worth.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1mEqPEd8Mg Some light entertainment of the chaos druid botters, they had a much more distinctive pattern before I left the first time, but its pretty easy to guess who they are. Just out of curiosity, can I lure that black demon out near the gate? I managed to get the bots trapped behind it if i lure out a chaos druid.
  15. I'm at the choas druids in Edgevil wilderness dungeon and no crap, theres me there and about 6 botters, you can tell they are all botters too, they have similar names, all no iteming or three iteming, they all run around in the same pattern and have the same delayed reaction. I stopped playing "260 days ago" from not playing for about 2 years before then and I've never seen it so rampant and bad?
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