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  1. Haven't played Runescape in years but I hope to be in the game when Suomi hits 200m. It's gonna be an event, right?
  2. First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section. Secondly, this isn't a rant concerning how "rs has become shit" and "IVP ruined my childhood". I'm just curious, what happened to the community regarding Runescape? I played from 2005-2010, and whether everybody hated the game and Jagex's decisions or not there was still plenty activity in the forums and IRC. Tip.it, Zybez, Rune HQ, Sal's, et al. I've looked over recent updates, read the tip.it times, and checked up on the now defunct event team every month or so since I quit the game and its really become unrecognizable. There's little discussion, and it's only between near-maxed players. Even in '09, content from '05 was discussed, but now there's zero threads that aren't about either a recent update or issue in the game (botting, SoF, 50%, glitches, take your pick) Nothing investigative, nothing philosophical just a lot of numbers/pHr and efficiency. tl;dr - Where did Runescape's userbase run off to, because they're definitely not active on fansites.
  3. I find it funny how you disregard how piety is actually better than that, lol. Judging from the OPer's statement, I have to assume that the 21% is an average, as turmoil increases strength by a minimum of 23%. So, the best we can say is that it was performing similar to how piety would. Turmoil at waterfiends boosts Defence by 29%, Strength by 23%, and attack by 15%, after the initial boosting hit. I was off by 2%. Shoot me.
  4. Zamorak brews should stack, as saras do.
  5. Tried turmoil, but their cmb it so low it was only increasing by about 21% on offensive stats. Didn't think of super-sets since they weren't mentioned in any bunnyip guides I could find. Tomorrow I'll see how much it improves.
  6. Yeah, was a sneak peak of mobilising armies and a sneak peak at stealing creation I think. Was stopped after 2 months if I remember correct. Might have only happened 1 month as well. Nah, I remember one of the Phoenix from In Pyre Need.
  7. So I took the time to calculate it all out, it'll take me 11,000 crimson charms to get 88 summoning. Actually didn't sound that bad, since I'm only 69 atm. >.< Anyways, I got my Z Spear and Kairls and headed to the ancient cavern. Over the span of 3 days I've managed about 720 crims(Avg 60/hr). Now, at that rate, it would take me about 15 days of nothing but waterfiends, which doesn't sound that appealing. I've heard of chaos tunnel variants, rock lobs, and cannoning scarabs. What are the charm rates on these and the loss/hr? thanks -urbex
  8. Props to whoever bought it off the noob for trade price. ;D
  9. urb


    Underground rap, lupe fiasco, etc.
  10. I like dungoneering, great minigame. Horrible skill.
  11. urb


    How's a mining bot going to find the head of it's pickaxe when if flies off? I could barely find it half the time. Everything in the game has an objectID.
  12. No, it's a percentage of improvement over no gear. With a higher prayer bonus it will show less improvement but have the same effect.
  13. That's what i was thinking. I want one to train with but i've never seen a pure with one to confirm its 1 def. It is indeed 1 def.
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