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  1. brunokiller is just that good ;) (and ive heard he hacked the game :-# )
  2. they changed that back...
  3. To be honest, unless there has been some price floor removed i can't really explain the sudden fall of swordies the last week. It certainly cant be attributed to bots unless they all changed to swordies en mass. It cant be because of the fisherman either because that was over 2 months ago and the price of swordies had been stable until last week.
  4. QFC: 234-235-46-61180179 LMAO. god bless them for watching the football game :P (also, totally off topic, but currently the longest grand slam match ever is being played for the people interested in tennis :P)
  5. Well seeing youve gone to 77 at granite (and hence can seemingly deal with dropping) I'd keep on ging till 80, you'll probably wont like concentrated coal very much
  6. 1. they are not the same, they could be released on separate dates 2. im 100% sure within the light wasn't me3 3. when i wouldnt know, but its been said in quite a few Q&A's
  7. hmm, tbh I've always thought protection prayers reduce the chance of getting hit, not reduce the amount of damage dealt (like divine/ely)
  8. You dont have to superheat them as u go, just liek mine an almost full inv and superheat them all before you finish inv It doesn't interrupt mining?
  9. Well it entirely depends on whether ur defence or prosecution as well... Ah yeah, im prosecuting. Credits to RsWiki
  10. High prices, "good" bots (read: lack of updates to detection systems), decreased measurements against botting (read: lower risk)
  11. None of the iPhone games have been even a bit interesting, i'm definitely not picking this one up, I already have both releases of "I dig it" and I'm confident it wont come close to the quality of those games.
  12. In real life, shadows aren't static. You don't say. -.-
  13. Anyone know why these shadows sometimes change position? (this is same world, same settings)
  14. Holy Moley! Sorry, just had to! :P Giant Mole gets an upgrade? doubt it's runescape related, its posted on the officialjagex account after all...
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