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  1. The new spell does more DPS than Melee.
  2. With max equipment it shouldn't take more than 3-4 casts on average.
  3. Storm of Armadyl with the Armadyl battlestaff is more DPS than Melee on Bandos. It's also fater than Melee for Slayer.
  4. It actually seems pretty accurate. How did the rest of the kills go?
  5. One hour of mage tanking with Storm of Armadyl and the Armadyl battlestaff: The spell is absolutely ridiculous.
  6. I use my battle robes :P At 121 kills right now, 12 shards, around 63k Summoning XP per hour. Haven't seen any boots being dropped yet.
  7. Also, the higher your Magic level, the higher your average hit will be. Instead of your damage being completely random (which is the case for everything else), you have a higher chance of hitting high.
  8. I'm very disappointed at the new spell. I thought we would get a new Ancient Magick spell. Not a skilling Lunar spell...
  9. Nice job. I finished burning 500 vyre corpses myself recently and only got a saradomin kiteshield. The damage increase from the blisterwood weapons is nice. So far I've managed to hit as high as 996 with Ice Barrage on a vyrelord.
  10. Ancients are Zarosian magick remember, so basically if Zaros prevails then yes, perhaps him coming back and winning will expand into a Zarosian storyline and he will give us the new spell to start with, I guess the speculation begins here. Zaros was heavily involved in the Mahjarrat storyline (Desert Treasure, Temple at Senttisten) and we've gotten Ancient Magicks and Ancient Curses from him so I personally doubt we'll see a spell for the modern spell book or Lunar spell book :smile: I think we'll do something good for Zaros and/or Azzandra and he'll give us a new Zaros spell as reward.
  11. I'm exited for the new spell. It's pretty obvious it will be on the Ancient spell book. It'll very likely have a higher level requirement than Ice Barrage, so it's base damage will probably vary from 310-340. 555 with Ice Barrage anyone, against players in the Wilderness? :shades:
  12. I think it's funny that they think adding Surge spells would be overpowered yet Melee and Range can use Vengeance and have a higher max hit.
  13. "The list of spells available through the Borrowed Power spell now includes the following: High Alchemy, Bones to Peaches, Teleport to House, Vulnerability, and Magic Dart." Still useless.
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