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  1. I heard a long time ago that jagex was giving away free 1 day trial memberships and I was wondering if that was still going on. Any help would be appreciated Thank you
  2. I used to be able to see how much i have played runescape by logging into my account, but now i have forgotten where exactly to go. Does anyone know how i find that out?
  3. Do you have to have the quest finished to use the spell?
  4. Does anyone know its max hit and what spell book its on? any other information would be apreciated as well. Thanks in advance!
  5. Mining iron and coal is always good money
  6. Burst then barage skelles. you can make up the cash with the time you save
  7. Are ape atol monkeys any good with piety and dharoks? if so what should i use to lower my hp
  8. If money is no problem what would the fastest exp be at my levels. Slayer doesnt interest me. Just fast exp. Thank you for your help.
  9. When using them on the alter is it still double what the alter gives?
  10. Should i get it? i know sometimes that people say no smite when fighting and i would like to know if its worth it because it will raise my cb 1 lvl. i will be range/venging. Thank you
  11. I have been trying to log on for about 20 min and it says there is no reply from server. No idea if this helps
  12. Can you use mining boosts to satisfy the lvl requirements in lunar diplomacy?
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