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  1. I haven't been involved with combat much since EOC came out, so I'm just now getting around to try to get an understanding of what all the stats mean. My purpose is to understand how to get the maximum DPS from the equipment I can afford. For example: I'd like to camp Glacors. My options are full Virtus with Chaotic Staff --or-- Full Seasinger with Virtus Wand and Book. Virtus with staff = Damage: 74 -- Hit Bonus: 1924 Seasinger w V Book and Wand = Damage: 0 -- Hit Bonus: 3848 So what contributes to better DPS?
  2. It's been about 4 months since I have played Rs somewhat regularly with many on and off attempts in between. I'd like to try another run at it because I have failed to find any other game that matched the uniqueness that Rs has. I'd like to accumulate Gp to afford the top gear and maybe one day a Phat and seems like bossing would be the only logical thing to do to achieve this. Anyways, I am a maxed player with about 100m to my name. I have dual drygores and full Tetsu and other main melee gear. Both Seasinger and Lotus gear each have a missing piece before the set is complete so I will be going back to PoP to finish those sets. So my main question is what are the best bosses to kill at this time. I know Jagex's recent bosses have been high cost with low chance for reward lately. Bosses I have never killed yet: - Vorago - Ascension Bosses - Nex - Tormented Demons Is it worth learning one/all of these bosses for profit or is it worth killing some of the bosses that I'm more familiar with: - GWD bosses - QBD - Frost Dragons Haven't killed these since EOC: - Corp - Glacors So I'm basically asking which bosses yield the greatest gp/hr these days?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Of course I will try my luck with the new bosses and all, that would indeed speed up the process if I get lucky. Otherwise it seems like merching and QBD is the way to go. Also means that Nex and KK isn't so efficient any more.
  4. Ah that's good to know, I was assuming it wasn't 4m+ gp/hr any longer. Assuming drygores and void is still the way to go?
  5. I haven't been very active in the game for the past 3 months or so now and all I've really been doing in the meantime is log on for ports. So I decided I wanted to get myself more involved once again. I am in the process of re-obtaining my completionist cape - capturing 1,000 sprites and a few new tasks. - I am not interested in a trimmed completionist - I am not interested in 200m xp goals - I am not interested in PvP So I thought a nice goal would be to obtain my first Party Hat. I basically have 100m to start out with. Like I said it's been a few months, so I'm really out to date in terms of money making methods. My guess is PvM. - But I'm guessing QBD is not all that great anymore. - I have never done Nex, but am willing to learn if that's the most efficient. - I've done KK, but am not sure if it's worth it anymore with the current prices. As far as gear, I have drygores and nearly complete PoP sets but no Nex gear. I would consider going for a 200m skill that generated gp along the way, but sadly, it doesn't appear that there is a skill worth doing that for. So any ideas for the current money making methods would be great or other ideas would be nice. P.S. I'm also kind of buying time on a goal before the new skills come out this year, so having the gp for any skill that comes out would be nice as well. Thanks!
  6. Ok what the hell. Just checked Suomi's Runetrack page and he hasn't gained any xp the last week or so. I think he quit....SMH. *sarcasm* But it will be pretty weird not seeing Suomi's consistent massive xp gains that I've been so use to the past few years.
  7. Thanks for the reply Quy! Disappointed to hear that Port Armors are being considered as useless. With it being fairly new, hopefully there will be an update to it. Now are the Nex boots/gloves individually better than the Glacor/Dt items, or do you need the full Nex set for the boots/gloves for them to be better?
  8. As of now, all my EOC experience has been confined to dungeoneering. As I near to reach my end goal with dungeoneering, my new focus will be PVM and POP. So I'm about to buy the items to begin PVM. I'm aware that the general principle is just buy the highest tier equipment for each class for each equipment slot. So until I obtain POP gears or afford Nex Equipment: I assume Bandos Helm, Chest, and Tass are the next tier items to have. Full Gano for Mage. Full Armadyl for Range. Berserker, Seers, and Archer Rings until Imbued versions. Saradomin Amuelets and Glacor boots are the top ammys/boots to use in their respective class. All Spirit Shields are pretty much useless. I am confused with the whole Mage situation - Staves are pretty much useless? So an Ahrims wand + Virtus book would be better than a Chaotic staff? (No virtus wand at this time) Chaotic Weapons for most situations until Drygore weapons are obtained. Anything I'm missing that needs to be bought for various PVM situations.
  9. Found this to be very interesting: > Mod Edam posted: You can make your armour either tradable OR untradable. The tradable armour has slightly worse stats (but only by a tiny amount) and when it fully degrades will no longer be usable. When the untradable armour degrades you can repair it either with coins or with port resource. We hope this means that skillers can make some money selling the tradeable version but it also means there's an advantage to doing ports yourself. Hope that clears things up, Edam -------------------------------------------------------------- Source: 16-17-316-64123948
  10. Like many other people, I'm in the process of re-learning dungeoneering with the release of EOC. Previously my binds included the PBA (pre-EOC). And it's obvious that 2 handed weapons are now best ( primal 2h, maul, and spear) with them all having the same attack speed and stats but different styles (slash, crush, stab). With being sub-113 dung, the primal 2h (slash) is out not available although it appears it remains the best since more of the Dung monsters are weak to slash. That leaves primal maul (crush) or primal spear (stab). So I guess my question is: What is the next best style to have, Maul or Spear?
  11. What changed at DT to cause less xp? EDIT: Nvm, saw the update from the patch notes.
  12. Mmkk just wondering, thanks. EDIT: very interesting. Thanks for the follow up response.
  13. I don't see it inconceivable as I know that some people enjoy it or at least don't mind it. I personally don't enjoy it. Off topic: but just curious on what Jebrim's time calc to 200m all skills would be if his accounts were combined (as in time spent on agility was distributed elsewhere in skills).
  14. The reason I would put SUOMI as the greatest player as of now is simply because he has the most amount of xp (while gaining it all in a RS legal way). Now Zarfot was great in his time...(I don't quite remember the reason for quitting)...but he quit. Whether he couldn't keep it up or simply didn't want to do it any longer puts him below #1. SUOMI has been playing all these years at the same pace consistently for years now. Him playing 2x as many hours than the other top players is what makes his mindset remarkable (not saying it's healthy, but in regards to RS, it's unbelievable.) As far as Larryr, Nite, or Fat Wrecked being the greatest...There is no way you can claim that they are better. Sure they may have been the nicest players but what does that have to do with this debate. Now if Zarfot started playing tomorrow and reached 200m in all skills a solid 2 years or so after SUOMI with no donations, then sure SUOMI would be bumped down to 2nd greatest. Or say a few years from now, couple of the top players finally maxed out all skills with no donations, then SUOMI would be bumped down a few notches. I value the effort put forth into the account more than the donations. But despite SUOMIs donations, I feel like he has still exerted the most effort into his account. So in my books, SUOMI is still the greatest until someone has equaled SUOMIs success with out donations.
  15. Congratz to Suomi on 200m Firemaking! Just 3 skills left to go, really did not think anyone would be able to get this close to 200m all. Donations or not, a very impressive achievement so far. Goodluck to you Suomi as it looks like Hunting is next on the agenda.
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