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  1. Sometimes lurking, most of the time just playing the game or working. Not much time for TIF nowadays.
  2. These updates are in good hands! Good job A13d!
  3. Still alive guys! Was just very busy with budget season and very bored with the bots...glad that both are over! I realize that taking a leave like I did without saying a word was a bit disrespectful to the friends I have here, sorry about that. I have two months worth of discussion I need to catch up to, I'll get on it right away!
  4. Sorry guys for taking leave without notice, I had a very intense budget season at work... I'm definitely alive and glad you all care! :)

  5. Langer come back! we need you :(

  6. Come back Langer! 200m all skills thread needs you! Its not the same without your updates :(

  7. Where are you ):

  8. Here's the updated Milestones chart I'm pretty sure the 100M and 200M is accurate as of today. The 50M xp is harder to track since I would need to look up every player over 800M xp to be 100% sure. Any corrections will be noted and adjusted in the future, if possible, drop me a PM. Changes since september 2nd are in bold Players with the most skills over 50M xp (Kingduffy took claimed sole title of most skills over 50M, but I don't see him getting the last 4 shortly - Elvis is actively training smithing and could tie Elias for rank 2 inside a month - Suomi will get his 20th once he resumes hunting effigies - Buyablequeen could get slayer and magic in the coming weeks, slayer most likely - Dapledo is not training a skill under 50M at the moment - Fuberscape is training fishing and could get a 17th skill during the fall) 1- Kingduffy 21 skills 2- Elias 20 skills 3- Zarfot 19 skills 4- Allar 19 skills 5- Elvis 19 skills 6- Suomi 19 skills 7- Telmomarques 18 skills 8- Jdelacroix 16 skills 9- Dapledo 16 skills 10- Fuberscape 16 skills Players with most skills over 100M xp (Suomi will most likely claim the title of most skills over 100M in the coming hours - Elvis will get his 13th skill inside 3 weeks - Dapledo is focusing on 100M skills and his next skill should be mining inside 6 weeks - everyone else is either inactive or too far away at their current pace - I raised the bar to 10 skills this week, but there are no players at 10 or 11 skills) 1- Allar 14 skills 2- Suomi 14 skills 3- Tezz 14 skills 4- Jdelacroix 13 skills 5- Telmomarques 13 skills 6- Elias 13 skills 7- Drumgun 12 skills 8- Elvis 12 skills 9- Dapledo 12 skills Players with most skills at 200M xp (Tezz is the new king of 200M and should grab another skill in early october - Drumgun is on pace for a new skill inside 2 months - Suomi should get 2 more skills in the coming weeks with slayer and construction - Jdelacroix will not reach another skill at 200M for a long time - Elvis is far away from any new skills - there are no players with 7 skills) 1- Tezz 11 skills 2- Drumgun 10 skills 3- Telmomarques 10 skills 4- Suomi 9 skills 5- Jdelacroix 9 skills 6- Paperbag 8 skills 7- Elias 8 skills 8- Elvis 8 skills
  9. Update of the top 15 1. S U O M I : 3,07B xp (+92M). On a roll since BXPW started, the new XP king has been training summoning and construction lately, which helped him reach 3B xp and claim rank 1. Already with a 70M lead on rank 2, he's 230M xp away from tying Gertjaars for biggest lead ever. He should also become the first player to hit 15 skills over 100M sunday. . Coming milestones : 100M WC, 100M summoning, 100M construction, 3,1B xp, 200M ranged and 200M slayer (10th and 11th) 2. Elias : 3,00B xp Inactive 3. Buyablequeen (previously Jdelacroix) : 2,88B xp (+13M). Changed name based on a suggestion by a fellow poster and still going at his own pace, Jd is mostly slaying and WCing as well as using effigies on RC. He passed up inactive Telmomarquews last week to reclaim rank 3. Tezz is coming in fast from under and I doubt he can pass Elias before getting overtaken. Coming milestones : 200M thieving and 200M farming (10th and 11th skill) 4. Telmomarques : 2,87B xp. Inactive 5. Tezz : 2,81B xp (+76M). Another player on a roll, Tezz became the king of 200M skills last week when he got 200M summoning, his 11th skill. He also tied Allar and Suomi for most skills over 100M with ranged, his 14th. He entered the top 5 by passing Elvis and reached 2,8B xp. He still has slow skills to tackle as well as fast skills. He basically completed most mid paced skills. Coming milestones : 200M ranged (12th skill) 6. Elvis (previously Nintendo Swe) : 2,77B xp (+16M). Mostly smithing, WCing and training summoning, Elvis got kicked out of the top 5 last week, but should pass up the inactives before winter. I don't expect anyone to pass him up in the near future, but Drumgun is so unpredictable! Coming milestones : 100M str and 100M farming 7. Allar (previously Skiller - Aasiwat) : 2,68B xp. Inactive. 8. Drumgun : 2,65B xp (+6M). Still training WC, the King of 200M is no more...but church goers rejoyce! He's on pace to get his 11th skill at 200M in early november and reach rank 7 shortly before. Coming milestones : 200M WC (11th) 9. Zarfot 2,35B xp. Inactive 10. Kingduffy : 2,29B xp (+15M). Mostly smithing and training summoning, the King of balance became the first player to reach 21 skills over 50M last week. He should 2,3B xp next week and rank 9 is getting closer. The competition from under is still far away at the moment. Coming milestones : 100M ranged and 100M hunter 11. Paperbag : 2,16B xp Inactive. 12. Green098 : 2,13B xp (10M). Magical Green is still training slayer the magical way and finished BXPW with some summoning last week. Still keeping the competition at bay, she has reached all skills over 20M last week with RC . Coming milestones : still nothing magical in sight 13. Buyableking (previously Fubarscape) : 2,12B xp. (+14M) Mainly training slayer and stealing Paperbag's given name, the Buyableking is on pace to pass up Green inside 2 weeks. Coming milestones : 200M def (7th skill), 100M ranged and 100M HP 14. Kngkyle : 2,10B xp. (+4M). Like previously hinted on this thread, Kngkyle is mainly training WC and not gaining much XP. He should still stay in this top 15 for a while because the competition is still very much far away. Coming milestones : 200M WC (6th) 15. Fuberscape (previously Number1 Boss) : 2,05B xp (+8M) Still training multiple skills, Fuber is still outpacing Skiller 703, but could see Pope712 catch up to him before winter. Coming milestones : 100M slayer and 100M herblore
  10. Also becomes the first player to get 11 to 200M. He still has a long way to go with WC, Fishing, Agility, mining and RC. But he has the fast skills open for major XP gains, this somewhat evens out the slow skills.
  11. This behavior could be explained if Andrew was still the owner of the game. But when you have outside investors in a company, only the bottom line counts. These guys are in it to make money, they wouldn't break the game for that reason. If they are losing money, it's not on purpose, but rather by being incompetent.
  12. Tezz enters the top 5 by passing Elvis. He could also become the first player to achieve 11 skills at 200M later this week, kicking Drumgun from the throne, after a 15 months reign.
  13. She stops a lot, probably chatting or something like that.
  14. I'm doing some fine magical summoning training alongside a top player. Care to guess who?
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