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  1. And with that, an era has been finished. Who will rise to take his place? Only time will tell...
  2. Suomi changed his name to K o n y 2 0 1 2 to keep up awareness and no it's not fake.
  3. I gaurentee that no one is gonna get anything good except for those that are already rich. I just have that feeling.
  4. Grats to Suomi and I'm a bit late on the whole paperbag thing but wb.
  5. Yet he didn't gain an overall rank nor snag 200m slay out of it. Wasted effigies on slayer instead of rc. Nothing wrong with using effigies on slayer consdiering in most cases legit rc is faster xp then legit slayer (: not counting other xp gained ofc Looking at the highscores I have a question: did dragonseance do slayer in order to get ahead of Roger AI and take spot 6 for 200m slayer? Also YAY Langer's back. I was betting you were in jail.
  6. Felt like pointing this out (sorry if it was already said). Jagex cleverly decided to announce this will they announced the removal of dice. This way the forums will be clogged with dice ranters and no one will notice about the highscores.
  7. How about a limit on how much you can play per day?
  8. Well I'm really disapointed that Jagex is changing highscores...
  9. Well nicely done Israel, also @ Giordano, I don't see it costing millions of dollars I think it'll be in high hundreds of thousands.
  10. I know some people that want to get it. Some of they even read this topic. Well on the RSof Forsberg888 has a thread sayings she's going for 200m all, I did check her runetracker and she is active. Also grats to Drumgun on 116 dung.
  11. Yes back on topic we wouldn't want to get more posts deleted, I would like to start this on-topicness by saying the following- Suomi will, imo, be the first to 5b exp. Discuss. Well in all seriousness i was making a point about suomi, i really do think he's playing to hard and i think that he is very likely to burn out.
  12. Grats man, and you know I'm right about drumgun
  13. I'm calling it now Ring world will be the winner. Second: Zarfot Third: Zezima Fourth: Agen Fifth: Dragonseance Sixth: Water (he'll max out f2p then max out p2p) Seventh: Drumgun Eighth: Gemeos (he's coming back! :ohnoes: ) Ninth: the next person who posts Tenth: Drumgun Suomi will die from playing to much and desputy will stop before 1.5bil
  14. Wait, does double loot mean that the chance for a drop is doubled, or the number of a certain drop is doubled i.e you get two bcp if you get a bcp drop instead of one.
  15. Congrats jebrim and suomi, was gonna go but i had to go to a soccer (usa ftw?) game instead.
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