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  1. Absolutely loved these forums, I didn't post too often, mainly lurked and just read the interesting stuff people had to say. There was a lot less talk about viagra back then.
  2. I remember first seeing this topic soon after it was made and I can't believe people actually achieve this in one skill let alone all of them. I can't imagine Jagex believed people would ever reach it either, madness!
  3. Good luck with your goal, 99s were crazy enough for me. 200m is mind boggling!
  4. I've never taken the time to understand Reddit because it just looks ugly, as far as I could tell it's just lists of questions with no sub categories. I will always prefer this style of forum, it's a shame they are a dying breed.
  5. Hey guys, I haven't played any form of RuneScape in a while now but noticed the new deadman mode and have a few questions on it just as I'm intrigued. Is it right you lose 50% of all your EXP on death? Is that 50% of what you've gained since your last death or overall?? I get the items dropped thing, and like that concept. It's just if you are losing 50% of your TOTAL EXP every time you die and the EXP is only 5x as quick, it doesn't seem worth playing..
  6. The fact it is a Dell does not mean it would be good with Java. It would be down to the hardware inside the Dell and even then all computers should work well with Java. Bulding your own would be a good way to keep the cost down and also assure that nothing is 'skimped' on, which consumer companies always tend to do. For example you can buy a reliable Corsair power supply rather than having the generic japanese built one that will no doubt come with an off the shelf buy. It may seem a little daunting but with the internet it is so easy to teach yourself how to put one together, it is very easy and rewarding. I'm guessing you are American as you used dollars as the currency so I would look around on Newegg, a Core i3 or i5 would be plenty, for what she is going to be using it for you won't need a particularly fast one. For RAM anything over 8GB is still overkill unless you are video editing at a high level or something. I would always recommend a solid state drive as well as a second harddrive but it's not by any means needed, so just a simple 1TB would suffice no doubt. Motherboard - something simple to keep those in, as you won't NEED to overclock a fairly budget one while keeping to brands like ASUS and Gigabyte. Sound Card not necessary, most motherboards on-board audio is pretty decent, but they are cheap also so whatever you feel like. Graphics Card, to be honest I only really know GeForce well, something like a GTX660 or 680 would be plenty, keep in mind a 740 is not actually better than a 680 just because it is a higher number. While a 740 might have updated shaders etc. the 680 will be a more powerful card in the 'top end' of the range of it's time... if that makes sense! Basically go for the 660/680 versions and you can't go wrong! And to power all of that anything above a 600w will be plenty. Corsair are particularly good for PSUs, don't go for a cheap PSU just because it's 700w and the 500w corsair is more expensive.. it will be less sufficient in other areas. Go for a reputable brand. I hope this helps.
  7. Arceus thanks so much for a very detailed response! I should and did have chaotics however some gremlin got in my account and dropped all my untradeables! Need another 100k tokens then I can get a rapier. Those d&ds seem interesting will have to give those a whirl!! Think I will do a mix of dung and divination for now and throw a few quests and d&ds in to prevent boredom! You've been a lot of help! Hopefully in a few months I will be helping others too :)
  8. Can I ask how priffindas is so rewarding? Just started playing again!
  9. Hey Arceus, thanks for the response. Divination is level 1, literally haven't done anything just yet! Cash/gear is low.. rune/ganodermics/whip/glory lol.. typically gave away everything before leaving.. but I quite enjoy building back up so that doesn't bother me too much. To be honest maxing herblore doesn't bother me too much. I would like to unlock the newer areas and useful gear most of all I guess, but I'm not sure what would be best to go for first. Also have there been any New d&ds since Troll Invasion? Divination seems a good place to start, what useful things might that do for me?
  10. Hi guys, I have been inactive since the beginning of EOC so I have a lot of content to update myself on and was wondering if you guys had any advice on what things to do first because there seems so much to take in. I'm on my mobile currently so can't show my stats, but in-game name is Dazzuh and some of my stats: 99 all combat except defence (88) and prayer (95) 96 herb 94 dung (soloing still fairly quick?) 97 woodcut 84 mining 85 Smith 85 fish 86 cooking 92 runecrafting Any help and guidance on what to do first to get things rolling would be massively appreciated. I've always found tip it a very helpful place to come!
  11. Hey everybody. I was on an on and off 'scaper for many years, now completely vacant having grown less fond of the game with the 'improvements' such as EOC, however I still occasionally browse this forum to see how things are going, and just generally read. I like to think when I was an active poster on this forum I helped some people out, most of which are probably not active on these forums anymore! My old username and RSN was Armourboy05 btw, in case anyone does remember :) Anyhow, recently I've been wanting to get fitter and decided having a charity based running event would be a good way to go about keeping motivated. I found a local 10k and signed up. I will be running a 10k in aid for British Heart Foundation on the 5th October In the U.K. heart attacks are the number one killer, which is why I believe it is vitally important we support the British Heart Foundation charity. There are two EASY ways to donate if you would like to: Visit my JustGiving page and donate through multiple methods: https://www.justgiving.com/Darren-Truman/ OR simply text BHFZ99 followed by your chosen donation amount, examples: £1 £2 £5 and send the message to 70070. The text donations will simply be added to your monthly phone bill, however if you are not a U.K. resident I believe you will not be able to donate by text message to me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, if you would like to leave me a donation please use one of the above options, however big or small it would truly be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Armourboy05 Dazzuh Darren Truman
  12. Haha, i did the same (filling my invent thinking it was lucky), well I've had probably over 100 items from barrows now and never a triple loot, had a few doubles but never a triple, so yeah I would say it is still fairly rare :)
  13. Seems like a fun quest :) glad they are still giving us good updates even with combat evo coming, looking forward to duo slayer this month :)
  14. Social slayer is the only thing that catches my interest in the slightest.
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