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  1. This guy. Hard to believe I started playing this game when I was in the 9th grade.
  2. Wait wait. 5B coins goes for $3,300?
  3. It becomes a point of major concern when Jagex can't seem to make anything sustainable other than RuneScape, and even then they're slowly sucking what morals it had right out. This is a really bad straw man. What does your statement have to do with mine, other than to try to make some false link between IVP and, say, Jagex deciding to axe Stellar Dawn? Seriously. I want to know. I don't have to made a long-winded post refuting the above, as it's a statement made out of gross ignorance. No company-- no investor-- sets out to actively ruin their investment. It's that simple. BTW> People complain when a "foreign industry" takes over a "domestic industry" because people have been led to believe that foreign = bad and domestic = good. You see it quite often.
  4. This doesn't really interest me, but we'll see depending on the rewards.
  5. I don't understand why people are complaining about one of Jagex's private investors. Would some of you rather have had the game go under (well, metaphorically speaking)? As far as Jagex censoring IVP on their forums, I don't see what the big deal is. It's really nothing that should be of concern to any Runescape player.
  6. Then don't play it. Seems simple enough.
  7. I know I started playing before February 27, 2002, which is the date Jagex is using to judge whether or not people's accounts are 10 years old, so I'm good. Feels kind of weird to think I've been playing Runescape (off and on) for 10 years now.
  8. So I decided to test out the beta for a bit. I have to say that the shield abilities are just a tad bit overpowered. If anything, Jagex should make certain abilities dependent on the weapon/shield you use instead of simply on raw levels. I.e., instead of simply needing level X for ability Y, you need level X and item A for ability Y. That would allow for more abilities and a greater diversity in items people use.
  9. Sucks. I was planning on fishing during the next bxp weekend. Oh well. All I really used bxp weekend for was herb and summon, and those are already 99 so it's no big loss.
  10. 10 year cape for me. That's all I care about.
  11. Lots of people mad they didn't get selected for the beta :grin:.
  12. They said "current". Jagex doesn't care if you were a member for 5 years straight if you aren't currently a member for at least a year. Why the surprise?
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