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  1. Great! Thanks, both answers helped! For now, I will definitely work on getting over 90 ranged, then get 85 strength. I'll look into the 52 prayer as well. Would it make a huge difference if I did work on my magic?
  2. So, this question has probably been asked quite a lot! But honestly, most of the answers I read are players judging stats & saying what to wear. I can figure out what to wear and have in my inventory, I just need help on my stats. I've never Pked, but I'm doing my research. I am P2p, but honestly I'm more f2p based. So for f2p (p2p advice appreciated but not required) PKing have i messed up my stats? If I did, I guess Pking just isn't for me & this will be my main. c: If not, what should I level up/leave the same? Attack: 60 Strength: 70 Defense: 45 Ranged: 77 Mage: 60 Prayer: 44
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