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  1. For all the poor RS players here: you can now eat chocolate cakes for profit! inb4RSobesity
  2. Just 1 to go! (I also have one Oxhead with that description in my current crew, but I'll ignore that one.)
  3. +- 7 months after I started collecting choc slices:
  4. After 3 10k captains with bad traits only, I got this. It's... so beautifull...
  5. So after that disaster I got a new chance to get a 10k chimes captain (high seafaring this time) today: *Sigh* Also, my ship names: The Brown Wind The Love Ship S.S. Troll Face
  6. So I decided to recruit a new, high morale Hook Captain for 10k chimes I cried.
  7. So I took a look at my new available crew: I wonder what happened to the puppy :?
  8. Sure. EDIT: Try dropping an item at the ports, lol.
  9. Only bad thing about this update is the wait for your ships to return :sad:. It takes so long for The Brown Wind to return.
  10. On the first day of EoC, I've reached a milestone: 100k chocolate slices, woop!
  11. I like this update. The Daily Challenge update is awesome, and the quest was ok. Only thing I did not like is the new lvl 5 smithing requirement for the quest. It used to have no requirements at all. This makes it a tiny bit harder to do for new players, which is weird as this quest is designed for new players. The tasks after the quest are easy to do. I like this style of quest rewards: more xp for the higher lvls in game. Also, did anyone notice the mannequins in Doric's workplace improve in quality everytime you complete a task?
  12. I was looking through my RS pictures folder when I found this one. This is Edgeville, roughly 5 years ago. Makes me realize RS surely did improve in graphics over the years. Oh, the memories..
  13. I do not know what to think of this.. Bonus xp weekends, fair enough. But first Jagex said they were removing them. They were replaced by bonus items from SoF. Okay. But why bring them back?
  14. >Kills King Black dragon >Gets Dragon med on first kill :mad: Of al the rare drops, it had to be that one..
  15. I really enjoyed this event. I admit, it was small, but the content was good and felt in place ; unlike the random other events Jagex makes. The rewards are really good for the time invested. The mask is a certain style - not everybody will love it - but I quite like it. Not like I'll ever wear it though.
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