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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. So he is doing hunting next? Runetracker is down so I can't really see what he started on after 200m FM.
  3. Wow, that's an odd realisation. Started in summer 2001 myself.
  4. Been discussed a couple of pages back. I think it was C2 woodcutting with ppl clearing dungeon for him.
  5. And Suomi is probably getting 200m woodcutting in the next few hours. Unless he went to sleep.
  6. Ideally, buyable xp wouldn't exist at all, but those days are behind us. Jagex will stop at nothing to secure their financial interests. I wouldn't be surprised if they made buying xp for a new skill extra appealing.
  7. Most people wouldn't do that of course. But with these top players, we're talking about extremes. And it's a bit theoretical of course. Not trying to say that they are paying for xp, because it seems that they don't.
  8. Regardless of the fact that it is indeed quite hard to hide, these people have also demonstrated that they have no problem with spending a lot of time on the game. I doubt they would replace spending time with spending a lot of cash. I saw people mentioning spending 5000 dollars per month.. Come on.. most people do not even make that much in salary, and I'm pretty sure the top players do not have the time to get a job that pays that well. In short: I can't imagine top players wasting the cash they have while they obviously have enough time on their hands.
  9. Sad. Can't get the cape despite the fact that my account is from 2001. Jagex says I need to wait another year, pointing at an account creation in 2003. I know Jagex' servers don't allow for the exact account creation date of players from 2001, but I thought they were given a date in 2002...
  10. Lol, this may actually be spot on.
  11. Well, Jagex apparently saw this guy played Runescape and invited him over. Resulted in a cheap promotion for the game. I can understand it from Jagex' viewpoint, even though I've never heard of the guy.
  12. Drumgun is most definitely Dutch.
  13. I think 10% of members spending money is too high, as well as the number of 50 dollar. I think al of members that would buy spins do it only once, just to check, while only a small proportion regularly spends money on it. Of course, nobody has the correct numbers except for Jagex, but this is way too high. I don't think SoF increases income for Jagex by 50%, although I think it does add substantially.
  14. Interesting data on this thread. With all these updates I get the feeling this SoF thing is rather a decent money maker for Jagex. Heard too many people say they bought some spins.. and those things are expensive when compared with monthly membership. I wonder what percentage of the members has actually paid for spins. Jagex will never release such information of course. Personally, I'm never buying spins.
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