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  1. Quick question: Was Jiblix muted from the forums or just demodded?
  2. Liquid Gold Nymph: The nymph is fascinated with gold, and will offer you pieces of a golden mining outfit each time she appears to you. When you have a completed outfit, she'll instead offer you a choice of either some Mining XP or to gild any one pickaxe you have on you. Foreman Jaak can remove the gilding from a pickaxe should you ever wish to revert it back to normal.
  3. Its against the rules for anyone to claim to be a Jagex moderator on a non-mod account, so why would a Mod go straight against this by telling people his personal account name? If this pmod really was a Jmod, though, I really doubt he would a) reveal his identity to a gambling clan b) be at the 'service' of this clan, and willing to investigate whenever they say there's an auto-typer in the area
  4. I bought colored robes. That was one of the major reasons I wanted membership. <_<
  5. With the new Artisans Workshop update, I have no idea what to make for smithing. I was making addy plates and stopped at 95 before the update. I have no idea if there is something now that gives more exp and couldn't find any guides on it. If someone could tell me what I should make that gives more exp than addy plates it would be appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the input. My bank pin was relatively easy, but I still do not understand how they could have figured out my pass. It was rather abstract.
  7. I got hacked earlier today for about 200mil. I have no idea how this could of happened because: I have a bank pin I changed my password about 1 month ago I have not downloaded anything in a while I have never told anyone my password When I logged in today basically everything was gone including 200mil, charms, and cls In my notes it read gf guessed your easy bank pin you scrub, you greasy kid Any ideas on how i could have been hacked?
  8. 310k is impossible, jagex had a 22 new world update in 2008, there are currently 171 worlds, meaning there were 149 worlds at that time, MEANING the maximum possible people was 298 000, and i SINCERELY doubt there was ever a time when all the worlds were full
  9. How long do smithing brawling gloves last before disintegrating? I can make up to addy plates. Should I make those or something else? Is a Morphic Hammer worth the time and if so how many would I need for one pair of gloves?
  10. [spoiler=First part]Fourth Age, year 01-59: Judge , locks and fowl share a theme with our new naut. Behold, my pet: a bestseller shower . One should note, Sevga , if they wish to find out how RT maddened. Something to do with Dungeoneering warped floors, because: 01-59 - The floors leading up to final floor of daemonheim Dreadnaut - similar to Rammernaut RT = rewards trader
  11. Are there any clans that don't have a 138 CB req?
  12. So lately I've been doing alot of Dungeoneering, and gotten to level 86. Im planning to get to 99 eventually, but can not continue with rage quitters and leachers on world 117. I hear people telling me there in 'dungeoneering clans', but I have no idea how to get into these clans or where/what they do. Can someone explain how these clans/teams run and how to get into them?
  13. I have no idea which chaotic weapon to choose out of the maul, longsword and rapier. I like training slayer, killing tds and going to castle/clan wars. Which weapon do you think I should pick suiting my preferences, or just in general?
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