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  1. Haven't been here in ages, where can I find the list of names of nowadays and what should I do if I know a pure F2p player that is lvl 1300+ but isn't in the list?
  2. I'm gonna follow this thread, I'd really like to see it.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=882LmVr9UDo
  4. It still feels like the 200mst post doesn't it?
  5. I just got banned from the RuneScape official forums, I haven't received any evidence at all, I asked a bit around the RWT rule and suddenly I got banned. I think a F-mod did it. Anyway, there's nothing confident between Jagex and me yet so I can post about it here luckely. They are completely getting nuts, also someone else who posted things to help me was banned after a few posts as well. She received her latest warning when she told facts about the past and got banned after posting this: "Joey D doesn't even know about the history of the game, RuneScape has been created and later on the Gower brothers decided to make their own compagnie around it called Jagex. Because of that, RuneScape existed before Jagex did." Can you get banned for that? Oh lol I just heard "Advocating Real World Trading. " is also against the rules, didn't know that, can't find it in the rules of conduct, anyone else? Oh, I feel even more sorry for someone I won't name who tried to protect me. There hasn't even been given a reason to her why she's banned, she just got told to highlight a mod where she disagrees with. Then were must she highlight for? She already stated it's impossible to highlight a F-mod and F-mods do abuse that. The only reasons F-mods could be highlighted for are: Flaming Ignoring Forum Specific Rules Scamming and staff impersonation Encouraging others to break the rules Scam/hack websites (malicious intent) Real-life issues / breaking real-world laws sharing or requesting personal information Seriously offensive or threatening language So no, wrongly hide a post or anything like that whatsoever. They could even ask for your password and still get away with it.
  6. With a bit of luck in updates he might be be able to do it before the end of the world!
  7. Oke, so: The money pouche is full, so the money goes in inventory, but the inventory is now suddenly also full because he took his shield of during a match (witch is pretty unusual) so the money goes on the ground. Jagex probably wrote their Javacode in such a way that when the money pouche is full the gp's get in the inventory and when the inventory is full, without gp's in it goes on the ground. So you get one pile of money on the ground because the pouche and the inventory is full and one pile of cash on the ground because the inventory is full, so in the end you got 2 max piles of cash on the ground and 0 in your inventory. This is also why he trades it away again that fast. So basically you can only find this out if you have 2 maxed cash piles, something only (I guess) about 5000 accounts in whole RS have and all of them high lvl). This is also why it probably took so long to find this bug because 2 unusual things happen: 1: Who's going to take some armour off in a fight 2: Who got 2 max piles of cash and still fight on It probably already exists since the money pouche existed
  8. Is that from a few years back or have they forgotten about the Squeal of Fortune overnight? It's from many years back, but for me it's still the way it should have been ;).
  9. And that while it's so easy to create... Reportuser or lockaccount If (bankvalue + inventoryvalue + moneypouche) gained over X gp's and tripled within 12 hours. (along the Grand Exchange prices compared to 24 hours ago). X gp's could be like 50M It's allmost impossible to go from 50M to 150M withing 12 hours even from 17M to 50M would be very hard. Even if you're a staker it won't be easy. On the other side, maybe it's hard for Jagex because of that 2.147M thing.
  10. Just found this back from a long long time ago: We would like to remind our users that buying/selling RuneScape accounts is not allowed, and that buying/selling RuneScape items for real money outside of the game is also not allowed. We did once consider selling runescape money and items in an online shop on our own site for real cash. However we decided to sacrifice that extra revenue for the good of the game, since we felt it would devalue hard-working players achievements if another player could then just buy their way past them. We don't want rich players to be able to simply buy their way to the top. This is clearly not how the game is meant to be played. And this: We would like to make everyone aware that we have added Rule 12 to our rules. This rule says that: 'RuneScape items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game. Exchanging RuneScape items for real-life money or other real-life benefits is not allowed.' This is not a new rule - it has always been part of the terms and conditions that every player agrees to when creating their account. However, we felt that this needed to be made absolutely clear, so it is now also part of our rules. The reason for this is simple - We want RuneScape to be a game where everyone has the same chance regardless of their wealth in real-life. This is also the reason we don't sell RuneScape items for cash on our own website. Even though we could make extra money in this way. We don't think it's fair or even fun if players can just buy their way to the top!
  11. How long ago did the Squeel of Fortune came? Oh wait, that must be it...
  12. Maybe a weird question, but what kind of person does actually still look television? Barely any and the ones who do are often 40+. The computerworld and the televisionworld are completely different things. It won't happen a lot that people that look telly actually go to their comp and look up whatever is advertised on the telly. Jagex could better give free footballs around footballclubs or schools with www.runescape.com on it. Or table tennis batches or whatever. Holiday is coming and so is the European Championships of football, so it costs a lot less, even if the campain fails you still make schools and clubs happy and it's way faster getting famous.
  13. Years ago they had a Dutch advert as well. I don't really like adverts, but I guess they do help Jagex. I hope Jagex show the real facts.
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