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  1. Well the damage is done... I still wonder why rares aren't spiking even further . A lot of gp still entered the game...
  2. I remember runescape's classic best training spot for xp - it was massive xp at the time. Legend's guild small scorptions!!! It was an attention [bleep] but yes! The xp was the best!
  3. I myself bought 2 santas , 2 green and 2 blue out of my cash pile ;)
  4. Off Topic : n64jive < - we both created our accounts on the same day:D How awesome is that! :D
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4zOa3_MWiM&feature=youtu.be Here you go. This is what I was talking about (except it was done on a more massive scale.)
  6. It wasn't the crucible glitch, there's something else. I take that back.
  7. Hooh, thank you. That's reassuring.
  8. I'd post the link to his profile directly so you guys can investigate yourselves. (He started with small amounts (probably it took him a while to write the script and get accounts to work - and then huge ones - 10-20B ) Don't think I am allowed to publish the link here tough.
  9. Yes rares should go up, now they are spiking since there's too much GP.
  10. Well think about there's no difference between stakers or hosts (both kinds of players can get extremely wealthy) 300 Bils - try to store them in RSGP and it's quite hard. Anyone with 300Bil of wealth would have that amount in rares, not in GP, which brings to my previous point. Rares would have crashed, not spiked. And if you count his trades since he created the accounts it adds up to 400B+ and counting (He puts up an offer every few hours for another 10-20B, meaning he has to wait to get his hands on more GP). Probably waiting for his accounts to generate more.
  11. If you think for a bit : Max cash pile is 2.1 Bil, the dupe is about RSGP not rares. Usually stakers hoard rares, if he would've dumped 300B worth of rares on the market, Rares would've crashed not Risen... So no this is no staker.
  12. Later edit : Glitch abuse on a massive Scale : (the clip was uploaded on 20 June, imagine how much cash got in... ) 400 Bil is an understatement atm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4zOa3_MWiM&feature=youtu.be Sorry I haven't logged on here or posted here in so long but I think this deserves to be made public. Some guy on a gold selling website is selling 10-20B each trade (sold over 400B in the past 3 days - His account on the said site being created on 2 August). It has been confirmed on another website that there's an unpatched glitch delivering 150-500M per hour and that the person doing it has written a script to get massive amounts of gold on multiple accounts.... If anyone knows any JMods or is friendly with any of them do let them know so they can investigate.
  13. They ware linked to jagex website lol ... dunno what they do
  14. Hehe lol :) and the demon wich youve seen on the news
  15. Well this is a hard question.... YEA :D I maybe quit RuneScape if i die :shame:
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