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  1. At 95 farming myself (96 should be reached next week), I'd say you're setting yourself up for failure. The reason is that why goals should be ambitious, they should also be attainable. From lvl 40, lvl 99 or even lvl 75 is way out of reach initially. Start small. Start with trying to reach a particular bush/allotment/tree/herb that you are currently unable to plant. (Like snapdragons for example.) Still, you must realize that farming requires a dedication to this game that extends outside of your in game time management. It requires you to understand and think about crop growing times even when you're logged off. If you're truly serious about getting to lvl 99, you must master this or you will be discouraged quickly. I'll stop with that for now since I can go on and on. However, if you're still serious about farming once you've gotten to lvl 75, let me know. I will give you all the time in the world with tips/tricks/advice. But if you're not serious about getting to 75, there's no way you'll ever get to 99. (That's just the reality.)
  2. Farming (and slayer) are two of the better integrated skills in RS that don't follow the traditional point, click, point, click repetition. (Slayer is especially good on this.) If you're looking to break up the monotony, I encourage you to try different skills, or set a goal for yourself and achieve it (even if that goal is to sign off ;) ). Your thought about "multi-task" related skills is somewhat interesting, but honestly the structure of the skills and the difficulty level prevents them from being more complex. What I mean by structure, is that they have to follow the 13 mill to 99 matrix, and the difficulty level must be such that they cannot be leveled in -normal- play in less than 3 months or so. If you want to look at "multi-task" skills, create your own! While slaying, mine or chop a tree in between tasks, or when farming, fish a few dozen loads of fish in between crop rotations. Skills like WCing or any for that matter are boring because of the way people play them primarily. Now, that being said, it would be very nice to see some development to the gameplay so the point, click, point, click was improved. Oh, and make-x doesn't help as it makes the game less immersive and more of a background distraction. If you want to improve that gameplay for leveling wcing, new items or new trees are only a temporary measure. Perhaps there could be a new structure to leveling where it's: chop roots, chop trunk, chop branches options... or the axe dulls gradually (increased exp for a sharper axe) -- really the possibilities are endless. This game IS fun because of the people. As is life. A job is either great or miserable depending on the people, same with a school, or a MMORPG such as this.
  3. Allotment: over 40 once (strawberries) Herbs: got 17 from the first Torstol I've ever planted. I did get 18 once recently as well. I believe the max for herbs is 19-20. (This is with magic seceteurs and super compost of course.)
  4. This coming from someone who is almost maxed out in their stats already. Don't get me wrong, congrats on this, it's awesome, but if not to reach the 200M xp mark, why keep playing? You've done all you can do in the game, done every quest (I'm assuming), visited every island, killed every type of creature... If it's for sheer love of the game, good on ya, but what else is there for a goal then if you've done it all??? If you look at the ones Trix has left, they're among some of the hardest to level in the game. (Won't be a problem of course for someone who clearly can master 2/3 of the other skills.) Slayer, farming, rc and herb are no joke. Trix still has a bit of a ways 'til maxed stats. :) Though when that day does come, there's always the goal of accumulating a phat set or other rares.
  5. oh my god, 99 is 99. 200m exp means you need to simply get a life. (Or a new game...)
  6. Unfortunately these seem to be a total waste of an herblore update from Jagex... I wish they would just make a unique herb update without trying to incorporate it into a crummy minigame / game expansion. (And yes, with 87 herb and 93 farm atm, of course I'd like to see more high lvl potions or new high lvl farm-able herbs added...)
  7. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one... but whenever anything in RS goes the way you mentioned, I usually hop within about 30 secs (provided I won't die in the wildy or something...) That said, this game will clearly grow as the majority of the players do. Though, given that Jagex is marketing this game towards 10-12 year olds.... we may have another half decade or so until your wish is met. By the way, "Adult Servers" just sounds creepy and not like something most folks would gravitate towards... Perhaps an Age-Restricted Server or something... whatever. :)
  8. Though scams still abound, there are several changes Jagex has made to alleviate them: -Untradeable leaf-bladed spear -Colors to identify different stacks of money -Wildy Ditch Separately, none of these is that spectacular, but overall they represent Jagex clearly moving in the right direction. (Though not at all as fast as one would hope.) So I would add: "new anti-scam updates" not earth-shattering I know, but it's a start. oh - and the Kbase has been added in the last year and a half I believe (which is the best thing they've done in awhile... if only the newbs would use it!) That said, the vast majority of the updates that don't add to the gameplay/streamline the game are mostly useless for me.
  9. Circumference and Lay the Table
  10. Some people just don't get what it means to have to work for a reward. They expect that paying $5 will automatically open the game up for them but have no desire to actually play the game to achieve the same thing. In a way, that's almost like complaining that you can't smith full rune at lvl 40... or kill abyssal demons at lvl 50 slayer. Of course that sounds ridiculous. Quests are a major part of Runescape and should be respected as such. Yes, Jagex advertizes a lot of content to F2Pers that they need to do quests for. However, simply because someone has waited until now to get P2P shouldn't mean they shouldn't have to work to weild/access certain things. This strikes me as an attitude of someone who wants something for nothing, sort of like the people who buy gp for money.
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