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  1. How exactly would they recover it? Using my recovery questions?
  2. I've changed my password and my recovery questions, but it says the questions will be updated in 2 weeks and until then the previous recoverys will be used which is kind of stupid.
  3. No no, it was an actual email from Jagex stating that I had new loyalty points to spend (I assume because the hacker had just put membership on). I didn't open the email, my account was hacked some other way. I'm assuming using some kind of hacking software, because I havn't played RS in a year like I said, and I havn't touched any emails or anything of the like for that length of time either. My password was also a very strong password, and I have kept that password for the seven years that I used to play and I wasn't hacked once.
  4. I havn't played runescape in over a year, but I got an email today stating that I had new loyalty bonuses. I thought this was very weird, because I havn't been a member for ages. I tried to log onto my account to see that my password was wrong, so that's when it started to click that I may have been hacked. I reset my password using my email, and logged in to find that the hacker had literally hacked me today, and taken all that I was wearing from me (Bandos, Fury, Whip etc). However they didn't get into my bank, they had requested a bank pin cancellation, but obviously I have got onto my account and changed the password literally hours after the damage had been done. They only took what I was wearing (havn't played in ages but it must of been 50 mil+ worth), but as I said I literally do not play anymore so I don't really care. What I am worried about are my things like my accounts for other games, and my bank account details. The hacker seems to have put one month of subscription on my account using their own financial resources, as I tried to cancel any membership they had going but there only seems to be one month on there. Any advice on what to do? I am in the process of changing my email password, just wondering if theres anything else I should do.
  5. I have a Berserker, Fury, Fire Cape, Bandos top and bottom so ye, I'm all kitted out, I also have 13 mil spare.
  6. I havn't played RS in close to a year now, and I was wondering if the whip vine is worth it. I don't have any chaotic items (hate dungeoneering with a passion), so mainly just a use a whip/d scimmy/ss.
  7. First of all, this is sort of a mini rant, as it's not really a big issue. Most of us will have been to pest control, the highest boat is level 100+, however with flat level 100's you aren't going to win any games, you need 115 or 120+ players to get a flow of wins. So, people advertise a world just for 115 or 120+ levelled players on world 144 (or one of the other worlds) using trade and using coins to display what world they are using. This works well, however the world can be leaked to lower levels (or 'noobs' as some people like to call them), usually this happens because a lower level will add one of the people that is trading the advertiser to their friends list, and find out the world when they hop. Now, I can understand people using that to find the world because they don't reach the requirement of 115/120. However, it is the people that insist on telling everyone on world 144 what the world is that make me angry. Can't they just keep the world to themselves and reap the rewards of finding a high level world? It's just plain jealousy/frustration that they aren't high level I guess. It just ends up wrecking that world for everyone who helped to create it and for themselves, which is the part I don't understand. Edit: Oops, this is supposed to be in rants, could a mod please move :S
  8. Making an even number of Super Attack, Strength and Defense is good, you can then use the potions you make to go into extremes.
  9. Personally I don't think the Zammy Book is worth it anymore. 18 mil is just to much for an item that just gives a little bit more than let's say; a guthix book. I'm just glad I got mine for <1 mil back in the day.
  10. Tried to get my veterans cape but there is no option, I swear I created this account in 2004 aswell.
  11. I've never used a Godsword only whip, so I was wondering how well they do at barrows.
  12. I've probably done 500+ chests with just melee, so I know what it's like. Melee is just less work, and I'm lazy to be honest.
  13. The reason why I melee them all, is because it's cheaper (saves runes), and it means my inventory is more spacious for more supplies.
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