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  1. You know you've been camping for that stupid axe long enough when..
  2. Would only take 65172155 benches for a 99. :-k
  3. Been pretty lucky with my clues. Also got sara page which I already sold. :)
  4. Are there any plans on making a subforum for 2007scape?
  5. Player-owned casinos ..oh right
  6. Like many others I had the best time in RuneScape back in 2006 or so but if I would be to play on a 2006 server now I'd most likely not enjoy it as much as I did back then. There are couple of reasons for that and one is ofcourse, like mentioned many times, the community. It has changed a lot but even more importantly I think that one crucial thing has changed since then; I'm not a noob anymore. As a noob there were always new things to learn, discover and look forward to which is something that I really miss and something that can't really be brought back by any means. Same thing happened with the RSC-servers, I originally started RuneScape in classic and got quite excited when they announced the offer to join the classic servers but the intrest didn't last long when I noticed that RSC wasn't really all that much fun compared to present-day-rs. The game and it's mechanics were only a small part what made RuneScape such a great experience back then.
  7. So I decided to log and use my 1 f2p spin just for laughs and got a monkey hat. I think it looks kinda cool but as it's p2p item I can't claim it now so can I claim it later or do the prizes have some sort of expiration dates when they disappear?
  8. Wow actually instanced boss? That's interesting.
  9. I noticed you already found an answer but may I suggest going to W31 Yanille and join a fc called 'altar' Theres always someone open there. :P
  10. Wonder how rare the spins are as a drop from monsters and do higher level enemies drop them more often?
  11. Wewt! #5 just in time for bxw. :D Also got my QP cape back but for some reason ALog says I haven't completed all quests. :s
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