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  1. You know you've been camping for that stupid axe long enough when..
  2. Would only take 65172155 benches for a 99. :-k
  3. Been pretty lucky with my clues. Also got sara page which I already sold. :)
  4. Player-owned casinos ..oh right
  5. Like many others I had the best time in RuneScape back in 2006 or so but if I would be to play on a 2006 server now I'd most likely not enjoy it as much as I did back then. There are couple of reasons for that and one is ofcourse, like mentioned many times, the community. It has changed a lot but even more importantly I think that one crucial thing has changed since then; I'm not a noob anymore. As a noob there were always new things to learn, discover and look forward to which is something that I really miss and something that can't really be brought back by any means. Same thing happened with the RSC-servers, I originally started RuneScape in classic and got quite excited when they announced the offer to join the classic servers but the intrest didn't last long when I noticed that RSC wasn't really all that much fun compared to present-day-rs. The game and it's mechanics were only a small part what made RuneScape such a great experience back then.
  6. So I decided to log and use my 1 f2p spin just for laughs and got a monkey hat. I think it looks kinda cool but as it's p2p item I can't claim it now so can I claim it later or do the prizes have some sort of expiration dates when they disappear?
  7. Wow actually instanced boss? That's interesting.
  8. I noticed you already found an answer but may I suggest going to W31 Yanille and join a fc called 'altar' Theres always someone open there. :P
  9. Wonder how rare the spins are as a drop from monsters and do higher level enemies drop them more often?
  10. Wewt! #5 just in time for bxw. :D Also got my QP cape back but for some reason ALog says I haven't completed all quests. :s
  11. Doing a tree run first, then couple of herby levels for seers elite and then training rc for the rest. :D
  12. Overall I'm pretty happy. Neiz looks odd though and tassets look a bit large compared to bcp. Void range helm is ugly.
  13. My vote went also for CS because it just works better for these kinds of big events. Maybe Jagex should invent somekind of tricky LS mode which would only be affected by LSP gathered at a certain event so that everyone attending would start with equal chance of drops. :-k Dunno how that would work but as stated before, with current ls-system it would just be people killing stuff and high lsp players gathering all the loot.
  14. I have to jump in this thread. Wasn't extremely bothered with the small lag/low fps until today I tried to do the Firemakers Curse's boss. :wall: Get your things together JaGeX! Oh and the new Burthorpe... bloody hell.
  15. That 'the greatest challenge yet' got me interested. Can't wait.
  16. Wonder if it would be wise to invest in some of those armours now. :P Love the new style of Taverley and nice to see they got rid of the wasted space between Taverley and Burthorpe.
  17. Was frustarated thinking what to make money with. Then I looked my dung level and slapped myself in the face. :D
  18. God damn is crafting much more expensive than I remembered. Oh well, now just few more agility and mining levels then its RoTM time.
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