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  1. "These days we can do things like stat-wipe your account or remove the gold from your account." Are they already doing this or just wiping stats?
  2. I was doing summer garder for some thieving exp and noticed how there was a large group of people running at same cycles. Didn't really pay attention until somehow I managed to trap the first elemental behind a bush. (it kept following my moves until someone was caught, really weird) and then I noticed how every one else stopped dead in their tracks at the gate or at the first elemental. They didn't move until I proceeded and free'd the elemental. Err.. umm.. bots?
  3. Been a busy day, got 2 cb levels. Also, funny luck when collecting just a few obby charms.
  4. Monsterhunterhunting anyone? :thumbsup: Getting 40kc and waiting outside boos room to some soloer to die and snatch their items. No seriously that is a really bad decission and I hope they will change it before the thing goes online. Runescape has changed too much in these 3 years for lootable grave stones. :mellow:
  5. Giant mole for sure. :thumbup:
  6. I've tried everything, loggin in and out in the site and game, re-installing browser and the game bar, confirming the authorisation over and again with and without checking the 60 day box. And I'm not on private browsing. :/ Getting bit annoyed.
  7. Been a good return-to-runescape day, got ddefender from the first cyclop, beat the void gm quest without food from bob and got the hati items from the wolf when it had only few hp left as I arrived. :thumbup:
  8. I'm bit clueless about how do I get my personal stuff appear in it like G.E. and friends list? I only have search, play, news, links, click here for pesonalised updates and clock in it. When I click the authorisation button and log in and verify the authorisation nothing happens. It refreshes the game bar but still I only get the buttons I already had. :unsure: I'm using latest version of firefox. Thanks in advance.
  9. Any predictions how the item lending will be affected by this? I mean things like claws going for 1m per day won't surely last because now you won't be gaining anything (junk) in return? :unsure:
  10. First one would be santa, ofcourse got it (or multiple of them, can't remember) on a long forgotten account. I aint even mad. :rolleyes: Didn't really bother doing the events until Eek The Spider from which I have all the items and emotions.
  11. Poor guy, forgot to bring his weapon.
  12. Well atleast the new gravestone looks much better than the tyrael wannabe. I hope the cakes won't disappear after the celebrations.
  13. "RuneScape’s most powerful and intelligent boss to date" :ohnoes: Oh and double-exp-weekend gloves sound nice
  14. Looks like wildy & free trade's return is inevitable. Now the big question is when.
  15. I didn't find the trailer to be too horrible for a javawritten browser based game. :???:
  16. Yeah something tells me too that they are already made up their decission. Anyhow, this could be the greatest thing to happen to RS in the past few years. :thumbup:
  17. Looks like gpu artifacts to me. What are your system specs? Do you have latest drivers for your graphics card?
  18. Get in pro teams. It's not hard to distinguish those full penance armour and master horn wielding teams from the endless waves of level 75 newbs wearing dmeds and dlongs. :thumbup:
  19. Look 5 posts above. HALLELUJAH :pray:
  20. Barrows, defence-wise, dharok's, torag's and guthan's have highest defence out of them. E: Ninja'd
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