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  1. I also dont visit often its probably years since i last posted. This used to be place to find all new things what is going in game...now rsof replaced this for me. btw original tip.it admin Lightning plays again active :P in my opinion best era for these forums were 2002-2003...this was place what you could read all day long with bag of popcorn :P
  2. we all know themed rewards will be in sof/solomon these days like in last halloween
  3. might be 100k in hour if you focus on it and use energies...i think its more like 80-90k in hour if you not giving 100% attention to screen all bathroom breaks, eating etc slow down so he must be online more than 16h in day. when i wake up i dont instantly hop at computer so i need 15min atleast to wake up enough to start playing and same when i go bed...i dont instantly fall asleep
  4. I like this update Good sides are that everyone can work their way in game to obtain bonds to pay their membership and solomon items...this will bring alot new members to play that didnt bother to pay rl cash before. Gold is spreading from rich players to poor players. Supplies goes up because more players are able to train expensive skills. Bad sides might be that supplies goes up which encourages bots to do them again for better cash and rl wealthy ppl can become rich in rs without any work. Dunno how rwters will live with bonds maybe they start selling bonds cheaper than jagex, instead of gold. for jagex dunno if this is good or bad update but in my case they will no longer get my money to pay members as i can afford buying it with rs gold as long as i live and all current and future solomon items too. I think trade limit worked better after all as solution of rwting. It could been just adjusted little bit more advantage to high level players and between longtime friends.
  5. its good for f2p ppl who had no intention to pay member before...also for wealthy player that want buy runecoins without paying rl cash i can myself keep maintaining continuous membership just by lending phat 2mil for 24h every few days and possibly buy bank boosters and stuff from solomon dunno if 95+ divination still makes good cash but i could probably go convert energies for few hours to get some extra gold too to buy more bonds(runecoins) later.
  6. this image not too old i could guess that max 2 years back when worlds was packed
  7. my 240k loyalty points waiting for use
  8. there is annoying banner in offical forum covering some space so cannot see what is behind and cannot close it
  9. how they can call that to rs3 its just minor changes...rs1 to rs2 was big update because it changed everything
  10. How on earth you get just 25 fps on java client? There's something wrong there :P dont think that is too low as being in middle ge in trade world crowd..elsewhere i get up to 50 when less ppl in sight
  11. decided to try html beta again...compared to java fps w3 ge mid gives me stable 25fps in high details in current java...same with html is 1-5fps very unstable and trying to run through crowd its more like 1 frame per 3-5 secs...dropped settings to low helped little but not much still had unstable fps 1-10 in ge mid my pc not too old, i5 + HD6670 + intel 120gb ssd + windows xp pro
  12. i remember in 2010 or so i had intel E6400 machine and it was able to handle rs gathering in full details where like 1k ppl were packed to one place...2012 i tried same with new i5 machine and couldnt go anywhere near the event as it was guaranteed 1fps or less...only minimum details was possible but didnt like playing with 07 look now rs somewhat playable in hd and getting 30-50fps most of time...tried html beta after they have optimized it little from first release and it was still horrible to play and cpu usage was ~30% more compared to normal...with medium details
  13. didnt make to first 2000 but i talked recently to #1 in list...Rab...he seems to pop up every now and then
  14. friend sold my 300k for 300m after first weekend...coulnd had made that much gold in eoc with weekend play bad mistake from jagex is allow member trial accounts work in 07 scape because gold farmers can do fresh bot accounts now with no trade limits there
  15. if they not adding 500k feature its almost dead content...only hardcore 07 fans will pay extra fee to play it and i will not be one of them
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