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  1. Veteran cape isn't f2p. No offence but, f*** you jagex.
  2. I'm not really excited about anything else but the capes. inb4wheresROTM
  3. Man the classic cape looks good. I'm going to be really pissed if I find out I never played it with my current account. <_<
  4. 19,3m for unholy book??! Oh boy.. I thought paying 900k for my book was a rip-off. :???: But yeah, I have recieved lot less god pages from clues since TT update (Might be just a coincidence) and now with FT and everything so I'm not really surprised.
  5. You have definetely been mistaken. Korasis has -2 crush bonus.
  6. Now I'm curious what would happen if they follow the main line of many other mmo's where you keep all your items if you die. :-k
  7. Anyone tried if it works at SW? Would be hilarious to see 1000 bots standing next to the doorway.
  8. I see you have over 60 dg so the best place would probably be Taverley dungeon's blue dragon dungeoneering resouce dungeon. EDIT: Banking there would be much faster with 70 agility.
  9. Oh lord, they are going to crash again because of all the flood coming in.
  10. All I'm interested in is the spirit camel or what ever it was. A BoB between tort and yak.
  11. Chaos dwarves in the battlefield. I usually get around 2-3 cannons and 500+ shots in an hour. They also have a chance of dropping dragon pickaxe though it really is rare. Downside is there is fair amount of competition now that dpick has climbed back up to over 10m. Though it depends if you rank 11m+ rare drop as "huge" payoff.
  12. Also in the pockets of dwarves. (Yes I did miss that dpick because some level 138 with divine, turm, ovls came in with cannon and started a huge [cabbage]storm in there...)
  13. Runescape has trees ...that look like trees? NO WAI!
  14. This. I did that for 71-74 smith for the quest. You should superheat at same time as you smelt at edgeville furnace so it will go extremely fast, though it requires some concentration.
  15. Just out of curiosity, what was it? I somehow managed to miss it. Justin Beavers face. :-|
  16. Thank you all. Got it on the first try. :thumbsup: I messed up with kiting on test round so I decided just to range the 360's. Used 1 brew&restore (mainly because I lagged a bit and couldn't get mage pray up for a 360) and about 5 ppots. Jad was literally the easiest wave with the deflect method, used only 3/4 ppot and he was dead. Oh and I swapped the ddefender for BSS just to be sure, if anyone is interested.
  17. Been dealying fire cape for too long now and I decided I'd finally give it a go. However I can't decide wether to purely range or use melee aswell? Been reading through crapton of guides but none seem to match my stats/gear too well so I'm bit confused about inventory too. Now the things I'm wondering about meleeing; worth it without soulsplit? without extremes? without piety? (The reason I'm asking the latter is I'm considering using the deflect method to kill jad.) The only monsters I'm going to range is the 360's, should I range others? Tried to build some kind of setup based on guides, what should I change? Bringing melee pots worth the space? How about range pots? Should I bring less restores and more pray pots? Should I drop the karil's top? More brews? More arrows? A shield?? Huge thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  18. Well apparently JaGex has just been keeping low profile and they actually had an efficient bot detection system. Now they have started a massive ban-campaing and apparently already 30 000 bots have been permanently banned. QFC: 234-235-799-62616315
  19. "Activate TzHaar Power to earn extra points and play solos so hot even carbonite couldnt freeze them!" I lol'd. For you who don't know Han Solo was frozen in carbonite in star wars. :P
  20. Runescape having a lot of bots available isn't really news anymore. And who would have though that client-based game written in C has less bots than Java-coded browser game. #-o
  21. Finally after 6 hours I got my first BB. -.- Atleast I got enough fishing pots to destroy the whole economy. Got 1.6m off it. Seeing how uncommon drop it is and the quest requirements to get in to the rumgeon I wouldn't be surprised if the dragon rapiers would stay over 1m for some time.
  22. The hell I'm doing wrong at the crabs? 4 hours and no blade. Do only certain crabs drop it? Must they be hit by the syringe?
  23. Oh wow. About a month ago the situation was already pretty bad but today I went to see myself and now it's just plain ridiculous and sad. Way to go JaGex. :thumbup:
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