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  1. thanks for the help, i'll wait out f2p and give it a try then probably get members when i prepare enough :)
  2. I haven't been a member in RS for years now and i'm a bit confused about membership and 07scape accounts. 1) When I buy membership on my rs3 account do I also get membership on 07scape? 2) If yes, does this mean my 07scape and RS3 accounts are linked? If yes then how so? 3) any further details which might help me understand the process are very welcome. Thanks to everyone in advanced
  3. thanks everyone, ice warriors look good, any idea hop popular the spot is and if i can mage them safely?
  4. what's the best way to get nature runes in f2p ironman mode? the cockroaches only drop 1-2 although the wiki says they drop 1-20. this is way too slow, i need around 2k runes, how should i go about getting them?
  5. are rune arrows even worth it? So expensive...
  6. so, i've been off the game for a few months, and i'm f2p at the moment. i wanted to go kill lesser demons to train up my attack/defence stats as well as for the fire rune drops so i got all my rune armour, rune scimitar and rune kiteshield (i don't use the 2h so i can use the shield heal spell thing). as i was fighting them i noticed that all the attacks that were landing were magic based. my question is, what is the fastest way to kill lesser demons in f2p and what is the best armor/weapon setup? thanks in advanced :)
  7. i heard something about a new slayer monster dropping some sort of expensive seeds?
  8. also any one know of any up to date range safespot guide?
  9. i'm thinking of coming back to rs as a member in month or so. a lotttttt of things have changed. the last thing i remember hearing about is free trade came back can someone give me tips on any updates to skills, monsters and major price changes? i know that godswords and whips went down ( especially whips!! 300k? dang! and lol at empty vials being 1gp each )
  10. Black full helms at 600 gp each mithril platebodies at 2910 gp each Adamant platebodies at 9710 gp each adamant warhammer at 2900 each adamant plateskirt 3550 each Will buy in ammounts of 500+ post here or pm me in game
  11. march 21 - Mrleitexxx/mrleitexx - 10K Nature runes - 1.8Mill please leave me a message or contact me in game for confirmation that order has started and an estimate on time left to order to be done. Thank you.
  12. p2p, money is not too much of an issue account is a zerker pure
  13. no to all your edits, and no to the chaos tunnels XD (ye's i'm extremel picky) was thinking maybe fire giants? most places are so crowded it ticks me off >.<
  14. preferably very little banking, plus i dislike killing any form of dragons :/
  15. so here's the thing, i'm planning on doing mtk as well as farming runs for some base money, then monster killing for some exp/more money:p So my question is, I need a monster that's not too laborious to get to and that i can camp at for around 1.5 hours between my farming runs i'll be using melee, all cb stats are 85, whip and bandos armor, dragon defender have guthans if needed, no BoBs :P any suggestions?
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