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  1. I'll miss spamming flash2: buying coal certs 1k! at Draynor Market. Those were the days!
  2. My employer, GamePress is sending me to TwitchCon this weekend to cover the mobile game developers there.... JaGeX is a mobile dev now? https://www.twitchcon.com/schedule/runescape-s-going-mobile/ I'll be sitting in on the panel Mod Archie and Mod Stone are hosting there Saturday 6pm PDT. If you have any questions for them, post them and I might able to get some answers. Keep in mind they probably only want to talk about the in-development mobile client though, so frame your MTX questions that way :).
  3. You can decant 3-dosers on an empty Juju potion to get 1-dosers.
  4. You don't get the double xp effect from Pulse cores, but the +10% xp bonus from other people's Pulse cores do stack with Enlightenment. Summer beach drinks (+10%), anti-sun lotion (+5%) also stack with Enlightenment. Other +% like skilling sets, Clan avatar (+3/+6%) work too.
  5. Has that always been the case or just recently? I noticed that websites that link to GE's prices have suddenly been 'disconnected' during the last update. Been as long as perfect jujus exist in game, I believe. Mousekey makes decanting a bit more bearable.
  6. None of the Perfect Juju potions can be decanted by NPC.
  7. Got 2.5k crimsons from double Familisation. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Admiral pie and Call of the sea aura.
  9. Well done on taking the plunge! Now that you're here, you can never leave! Muhahahah. I mean, welcome to Tip.it. Enjoy your stay!
  10. There're always green dragon bots for you to kill east of bone yard.
  11. Thanks, this is helpful. If it's possible, do you mind posting the list of items needed here?
  12. I tried making a pouch to scrolls while having this potion in effect but it didn't give me 12 scrolls instead of 10. Ops, got served because I didn't check ingame before hand. Sorry for being misleading!
  13. Yes, and now you have a duplicate you can freely keepsake!
  14. Not only did I grew up with Runescape, I now have friends whose kids are now doing the very same! Even while rest of the gaming industry chugging through titles on annual basis, this one stood the test of time. In that way, Runescape certainly is something special.
  15. It act as Voice of Seren is active for every clan. So you get the combat xp for defeating Cadarn ranger, Iowerth warriors, reduced chance of harps going off tune, etc. Everything on this page http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Voice_of_Seren minus the 20% xp bonus.
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