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  1. Hey guys, I figured after many years of using the website it's time to be apart of the community. I have been playing Runescape since about 2008. I have taken some short and some long breaks within this time frame. One being I just logged this weekend(4/1815) since roughly 2010. I had some personal issues afflicting the time I was allowed to put into playing. I am back now and hope to be a common site around the community. I don't consider my self super experienced player and given the time I've spent away, I feel as if I'm a new player. I really would like to chat and play with some people in future. Team play is something that I've never taken advantage of in my time playing over the years. Anyone is welcome to talk to me whenever. I have decided for my first endeavor back I'm going to work on acquiring 99 in both fishing and cooking. So I could use someone to talk to. My in game name: K 2 Th3 Arma
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