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  1. Considering that no one has posted a picture or results of these triskellion thingies - I think they are quite rare... I have been killing asc creatures quite a bit and didn't find any triskellion parts as drop (slayer 80+ monsters)
  2. Anyone received one of these Triskelion parts yet? Will these items remain in game or just for a short period of time?
  3. Scutarii hmm... the gladii seemed to work better for me... what about the critters? Are those supposed to have the same drop rate for keys then as gladii?
  4. Yeah those keys sell pretty well (lets say range 500k-1M, differs per key). Signets aren't tradeable and if you aren't to nolife the dungeon and get hundreds of keys to make your own bows, I woudl recommend selling the keys. Prices vary daily, for latest info join fc "ascension pc".
  5. 12 lacquer off completing all sets... then the laboursome journey of getting all the scrolls for those scrimshaws I will probably never use. I am considering keeping a healthy backup of 100 of each trade good in case I loose some equipment somewhere... when you loose superior, it's gone, right?
  6. I've been killing gladii and the capsii mostly and especially the gladii have been giving me primus keys mostly... like 6 in a row. Of course this is possible with 1/6th even chances for all keys but the chance is quite low... (1/6)^6.
  7. Well this is interesting - so basically the TzHaar are the builders that were left by the Elder Gods. This also opens up the possibility that indeed we will see/find the elder gods even - something I considered too far-fetched until now. Meeting Sara was strange but what if we enter a cave and find Jas sleeping...? I love it that we learn new lore but the fact that most things that have been unclear and mysterious for years in RS are cleared up so quickly in the past months is not very appealing to me. I love it when small hints are dropped at a time, not the rate at which we learn new things at the moment...
  8. Very nice! What dags do you have to kill for these (combat level?)? Would the dags underneath lighthouse also work? Where do kill them?
  9. Any hints as to what scrimshaws actually make some decent money? I got a little stockpile of bones left and plan to focus on one scrimshaw now before I direct my scroll mission to death lotus again. Plausbile candidate seems to be Vampyrism? 900k per scrimshaw seems not bad (with 100+ bones)
  10. Yep - it did first try: score! Full tetsu feels good I envy you. 18 plate from tetsu legs and completing the set. well I have to admit I focussed quite heavily on plate missions - meaning I found only 18 scrolls untill now...
  11. Yep - it did :) first try: score! Full tetsu feels good :D
  12. Finally got the final story mission for the lacquer and plate. Took 2 weeks before the first combined story mission popped up, then I had 5 days in a row with 5 story mission, followed by another 2 weeks dry spell. Sent it out at 76% with merchant (didnt have FotS)... hope this one lands because that would give me full superior tetsu :)
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