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  1. i actually just killed him about an hour ago. i died 3 times before i actually got the kills and im maxed(turm, exts, etc). ^the gear she suggested is the best to use. and as far as the fight goes, when he spawns the bloodvelds you should be able to get to them before they get vanstorm, if you dont one hit the first bloodveld, go straight to the second one since the first is going for you instead of van. and when he uses his bomb attack just keep running in circles and you should never take any damage. make sure your using rocktails+piety+pro meele when your close to him.
  2. worth using for most slay tasks if you have alot of em, worth using for just about any bossing, and worth using before dungeons(if your on a good team)
  3. u might be able to get away with a trio, if your lucky enough to get a world and hope that crashers dont come in a couple minutes. if u were doing trio, the tanker would definetly need ovls to account for the brewing. u should get turm before ovls btw. definitely get a fcape asap. also, bear in mind that trioing bandos is not good money at all. in order for u to make decent money & not get crashed alot, you would need ovls, turm, higher attack, and 88 or 96 summoning. gear-wise your pretty good, except switch to fcape and get rid of the bandos boots(dip in bandos spa if u need protection from the followers). lastly, spec rests are definitely worth the invent spots. and why do u need climbing boots? u should really unlock trollheim tele if thats why you have them.
  4. ok thanks, im making 1k ovl(3)'s so i'll ovl exerything except spectres(dks for dags)
  5. ive been making alot of ovls and know im wondering which tasks are worth ovling for(using effigyscapes tasklist btw). i dont want to overkill by using ovls on easy tasks like suqahs, just the ones that i will get the most benefit from ovling. Thanks
  6. 1/100 for A gwd item? or 1/100 per gwd item? (Thus 1/25 at armadyl...) First one implies that Saradomin and Zamorak hilt is much more common than Bandos and Armadyl, as theres fewer other items to get. I do not believe that for one second. Second one implies a 1/25 drop rate, which is obviously wrong. not 1/25 lol, 1/100 to get an item...
  7. beware, when u use the big cannon, you will be piled with loads of monsters and lose alot of lp, you also can use ss because the handcannoners can hit high and combo u bad
  8. used to be in a pvm clan, and people claim to average about 1/100 for all gwd drops
  9. she is weak to crush, so definetly maul by far
  10. i believe i was getting about 115 males/hour on task(very long task). dont know about the others
  11. Thanks ! :mrgreen: Gotta get dem hunter beware that you hunt lvl will drop fairly quickly, and you will not be able to get that many marble vines per spa, and it will be very slow
  12. you shouldn't be attempting to solo bandos without turm and a chaotic+claws. kills will be too slow and you will take way to much damage to ever keep your stats at a decent boost.
  13. you should do orange sallys at your level tbh, with desert camo and arctic bear you should get about 60-70k xp/hour.
  14. spiritpc is good, u have to register on their website tho
  15. not necessarily horrible xp, they are about 30k slay xp/hour and the whip vine is about 5m so thats good. but still they are worth skipping unless u really need the points
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