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  1. I always liked shattered heart, and I don't think I'm the only one. Doesnt seem any more arbitrary than any other in game goal. It's a goal-oriented game after all.
  2. Am I right in thinking that burial armour is the way to go for respect ? What ingot do people usually use here (e.g. when going for comp cape req) ?
  3. seasinger top 6m (nis) tetsu legs 5.5m (nis)
  4. 1 elements sold for 1.35m after a couple of hours
  5. Update broke the god statues D&D. Can't click anything.
  6. Thanks for the answers and insights ! What kind of bulk prices are we talking about (for say 3k-4k staves) ?
  7. Why did the price for battlestaves plummet (8.6k to 7.3k) ? Apart from the cooking urns daily, is there a new cheap method for crafting ?
  8. Recently got these as a slayer task. Which of the three is easiest/fastest to kill ? Any special tips and tricks ? Thx in advance !
  9. Just went to Arma for the first time (solo). I wore an arma top and dl legs. Had to tele out after the 3rd kill. Only brought 5 rocktail soups. I'll try again in full dl next time. Might not have all the mechanics down - Im pretty noob at bossing.
  10. I wonder what "type" of player would not get 4 instakill darts ?
  11. I thought last week was clever and effective as well, making half these boards change their shouts from "Away whith that wheel" into "Not fair! We want those tickets" ... (regarding the quest spin tickets not being awarded retroactively)
  12. They will fix the node issue pretty fast probably, and after that rune prices will become interesting to follow.
  13. They should just limit the amount of possible nodes per type. No use having 30+ fire and vine nodes every island. (Or just make them die out after a set amount of time.) This could have easily been foreseen, to be honest. Apart from that, I really like the way we move from island to island, and the overall gameplay has been smooth.
  14. I got about 7k xp at lvl 93 for giving him the runes he wanted. Havent tried other runes.
  15. If I may ask, why were you on middle floor when you were so close to 99 ? Seems wizards give the same xp whatever the floor is. Single or double soul wraiths doesn't make alot of difference since they spawn so fast. O, and congrats on the elusive level !
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