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  1. thanks so much both of you - guess it's time for me to learn how the new combat works!
  2. Hi. Whenever i try to "play" the Holy Cithara, all i get is a message that "You can't perform that emote with the item sheathed". How do i "unsheath" it?! Thanks in advance...
  3. thanks! checked the guide but nothing missing. On the killing citizens/collecting bloood. the guard tells me he wants blood and the citizen refuses to give me money even when i have the dagger...not sure what i'm doing wrong!
  4. Hi, i've completed the Branches of Darymeyer quest but haven't got enough status for the Vyrelord title. Think during the quest i made some bad choices in for instance Taunting the Prisoner and also went for the blood gift to the guard rather than killing the citizens. Now i've completed it i'd like to make up the difference but can't find any un completed tasks and can't either kill any more prisoners or get any more money from the canifis settlers to get more blood. Does anyone have any ideas what i might be able to do? Thanks!
  5. Hi there. Does anyone know how much more zeal points are worth if you cash in in batches of 100? Thanks!
  6. you can check if it counted by clicking on check remaining time that then tells you how many skills you've done.
  7. loving the jack of all trades...xp gain makes pengs look amateur hour!
  8. Yup died a load of times here :) all too easy to do. mage pray and melee armour helped. then realising you could still hit him when he;s flying. When the blood range thing is happening - click to run away then click attack and then repeat every time you take a hit. if you get hit at this point focus on running and eating. The rest of the time he was ok. Do a search on youtube for videos of it if you still struggle...
  9. Presumably that's a fix waiting to happen...
  10. Thank you both - never even thought about Totally genius idea. Anything where using them is a waste/bad idea? Any times they don't stack?
  11. Hi. I've finally got round to actually making overloads (well will do shortly care of a curry or two) but just wondered how extensively people use them. Any views on when they're worth using and when they're not? Thanks!
  12. Pickpocket guard - 1 skill Kill guard on Controlled - 4 skills Bury bones - 1 skill Cut 2 logs, burn 1, fletch 1 - 3 skills Alch bow - 1 skill Takes less than a minute for ~9k rc xp, pretty nice. They let you include combat? This is way too generous - seems a no-brainer to get this. The pedant in me does suggest one shouldn't forget to factor in travel time to reclaim the xp too :)
  13. Sorry to hijack but i have the same question and this is super useful. Any idea which skills are affected? Is it just one oral the skills you've trained? Thanks.
  14. Apologies for my ignorance but i'm not sure i understand how you combine. Can you elaborate? I quite like Blastfurnance but it does take forever and frankly smithing is a means to an end for me, not an end in itself!
  15. sounds like superheating it should be then...40k of them urk. on spelling, you're right - should be no double 'n' but pretty sure the 'u' is right. Thanks for all your thoughts!
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